Are you looking to gain a new perspective in your relationship, job or business so that you can see the entirety of your situation?
Are you seeking to scratch off the limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns so that you can sow fresh seeds for personal growth and expansion?
Are you ready to take your life by the reins and proactively move towards creating the change & shifts that bring you closer to what you actually want to call into your love or work life?
Tarot, Numerology, EFT Tapping & Breathwork consultations are a co-creative & expansive experience which are designed to facilitate and support with a comprehensive sense of clarity, peace and direction around your relationship, career, business, finances, spirituality or any other pressing issue.
You will be facilitated to unlock your issue by going to it’s core and step by step moving through all different aspects of your situation in order to bring you insights, illumination and direction.
In our time together, you will be challenged in a compassionate manner to recognize and address limiting & unhealthy patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour within your life so that you can reconnect with your personal power, foster deep self awareness, uncover your zone of genius and carve a path towards your ultimate desires successfully, gracefully & intentionally.

Laser Focused Tarot Session
Are you feeling indecisive, uncertain and hesitant to take a decision? Are you anxious that there is more to your situation & that you will go down the wrong path? Are you waiting endlessly for a problem to resolve on it’s own? Are you unclear about the progression of things in your love OR work life?
When you are looking for clarity and direction around ONE specific issue, then this option is for you.
You will leave this 30 minutes session with clarity, truth and knowing your next step forward. Each session includes a Pdf containing personalized affirmations, journal prompts and your personal year/month numerology which will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your session.

Breakthrough Tarot Session
Are you experiencing chaos in your relationship which is also affecting your career? Are you feeling overwhelmed to resolve particular conflicts in your love life & feeling directionless financially as well as simultaneously experiencing fogginess around the decision-making process regarding the trajectory of a creative project? Are you seeking to strengthen & trust your intuition and also want to know the meaning behind what your Guides are trying to communicate to you through the recurring signs showing up in your life?
When there are so many things going on in your life and there are countless questions that you need insight, support and clarity on, then this is your best option. You will walk away from this 60 minute session with the clarity of where to put your focus, what is your next step forward & how to access your inner wisdom.
Do you also want to experience a profound shift in your body and energy instantly?
Are you yearning for a change in your physical, mental & emotional well being?
I know that you have answered Yes to the above questions, therefore, for limited time I am offering EFT Tapping session for free as part of the Breakthrough session. This Tarot + Tapping session is going to enable you experience an immediate shift in your energy on every level and help you to start getting back in your groove.
It is going to be a 90 minute session (60 mins Tarot + 30 mins Tapping). Each session includes a Pdf containing personalized affirmations, journal prompts and your personal year/month numerology which will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your session.

Energetic Shift session
Are you feeling disempowered and a sense of disconnect with yourself? Are you hopeless, helpless and completely detached from your reality? Is there any stress, anxiety, traumatic event/s or troubling memory that triggers emotional and mental distress for you? Do you want to overcome self doubt, self imposed limiting patterns and negative self talk to reach clarity, contentment and peace of mind & body?
I welcome you to experience the power of EFT Tapping and access your emotional energy to release tension & stress so that you can feel grounded, centered and calm in your mind & body.
This session will help you connect with your inner strength, courage and inner wisdom to rise above your past and current challenges, blocks & inhibitions. I will support and facilitate you to shed the old & outdated narratives that no longer serve you. I am skilled at holding a loving and compassionate space where profound & deep healing can take place for you.
Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is one of many energy therapies. It is based on the ancient chinese meridian energy system. It’s a simple & effective tool to shift unwanted thoughts, actions and emotions. We will work together by getting you out of your mind and more into the wisdom of your body.
During our session we will gently tap on the meridian points using our fingers while dealing with a traumatic memory, physical or emotional issue.
*Saba Umair is not a liscensed therapist, psychologist or health care practitioner.*