WEEKLY MEDICINE September 3 – 7, 2018

By October 31, 2018 weekly


Energy for the week ahead: September 3 – 7, 2018


Deck: Psychic Tarot of The Heart + Oracle de la Triade



“Every encounter is an opportunity to know and embrace myself.”

“My dreams are accessible.”

This week you’re going to feel content and fulfilled with regards to your work, home or personal growth if you’re going to allow things to fall into place on their own and embrace them rather than resisting them.

Energies are moving, shifting and coming together to present to you exactly what you need and desire. You’re in a position to achieve all that you desire within your heart. The seeds you already have sown or plan to sow will start to take shape and grow while supporting you to move towards the next level.

Take the initiative and don’t wait for someone else to make a move. Research and analyze about how you can spice things up in your life.

Step out of your comfort zone and be a little daring. Break free of any internal conflict and sordid instincts that may be worrying or eating you up from the inside. Remember to have something we sometimes need to give up something.

Be honest and truthful with yourself related to what you actually desire rather than blindly following your ego. Connect with your Higher Self to ignite your passion and to come across the way that leads you to achieve your deepest desires.

Use the color Red in any way or form to rekindle passion and bring excitement and enthusiasm in your life. Red is also going to act as a supportive energy for you.

May you have a blessed week!

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