By January 7, 2019 weekly


“Each moment of my life is magical and being totally present in every moment opens my eyes to inspiring and new experiences.”


Decks used

Tarot deck: Steampunk Tarot
Oracle deck: Halloween Oracle

This week’s message is to nurture, nourish and grow your dream. Your wishes are going to be fulfilled and there’s going to be satisfaction and contentment so be mindful of the blessings already present in your life. Don’t allow any existing challenges to stop or sway you away from your dreams.

Don’t be afraid if something is falling away because it’s a hint towards fresh and strong beginnings. Be hopeful and allow yourself to be seen, to see and to act upon what is shown to you. Don’t accept the status quo when it really doesn’t suit you and only invites difficulties.

Now is the time to rid yourself of attitudes or situations you have outgrown to pave way for a new stage in your life. To help you move into this New Year I am offering a new service by the name of New Year reading which is available for a limited time only. You can read more about this offering HERE!

The seed that you have sown previously is about to give harvest or has been giving fruitful results. This harvest is not only going to serve you but everyone around. It’s time to decide and plan for its future like where do you want to take it from here, how do you plan to achieve further growth etc.

If there’s an idea in your mind that you plan to implement, know that you are surrounded with support of others and the Universe. Work involving large corporation, public sector or government is possible. A family occasion or some celebration in your close circle could come up this week. If you would like a private reading with me, you can find out more here!


Peach is the colour for this week. Working with the energy of this colour is going to assist you to open up to new opportunities and possibilities in order to attract abundance and prosperity. Peach helps you to clear away stagnant energy as well as stress and tension from the body. Meditate or wear peach colour to bring gentleness and kindness into your life.


1) How do you plan to achieve your dreams? What steps can you take that will bring you closer to your goals?

2) Reflect upon a time where you were faced with a challenge and how did you overcome it? what lesson did it teach you?

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May you have a wonderful week!


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