Weekly Medicine January 28 – Feburary 3, 2019

By January 28, 2019 2019, weekly


“I am confident, decisive, and my potential to succeed is infinite.”

Decks used

Tarot deck: Steampunk Tarot
Oracle deck: Astrology Reading Cards

The week you may struggle with maintaining a balance between your thoughts and emotions. Your mind may pull you towards one direction while your heart draws you to another. Therefore, during any such challenging situation try to tackle things with moderation, discretion and fairness. Be flexible but diplomatic in your communications with others.

You may feel an urge to skim through things and then flit off like a butterfly. Whereas, the cards are advising you to weigh matter carefully before entering into any agreement. Do your homework and know what you are committing yourself to and what the future ramifications of your current decisions are going to be. Take a focused approach rather than scattering your energy into too many directions or being defensive. If you feel the need to call upon or refer to a professional advice, don’t hesitate to do so.

An unexpected news could come knocking at your door which initially might be discomforting for some but if you’re going to analyze it with an open mind you will find something valuable out of it. Slight delays in your plans seems likely, however don’t let go of your ability to handle the matters with ease and thoughtfulness.

You need to be open to compromise while slowing down and analyzing your circumstances. Old wounds are going to heal with passage of time, so forgive what needs to be forgiven and reach for serenity and calmness within and around you.  I also have discussed in detail about the general energies of this year in the article, 2019 in tarot and numerology.

The week is going to end on a happy note I feel. There is going to be something to celebrate your joy with others such as promotion, job, birth, conception, marriage, healing etc. it’s also possible that you may take a new hobby or decide to turn your hobby into a profession. Your current circumstances are going to give you the opportunity for personal growth.

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Scarlet is the colour to explore this week. Working with the energy of this colour is going to assist you to attract opportunities into your life and to confidently achieve your dreams. It’s the colour of passion, success, strength and achievement. Meditating with Scarlet will enable you to register and discern your dreams and goals. 

May you have a wonderful week!


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