Weekly Medicine Feburary 4-10, 2019

By February 4, 2019 2019, weekly


“I rejoice in the process of creating positive change in my life   .”

Decks used

Tarot deck: Numinous Tarot
Oracle deck: Wisdom of The Oracle

The message for you this week is to release any unhealthy baggage that’s weighing you down. You may find yourself transitioning from known areas to the unknown waters. You may experience a some sort of a change such as mental shift, change of job, relocation or leaving a relationship etc. which may be difficult but necessary at the same time. The sadness over what you have lost or let go of will soon be replaced by greater mental clarity, personal development and a renewed hope for the future.

You are being invited to shed the old and open yourself up to the opportunities awaiting you. Look ahead to your future and choose the way most in alignment with your inner truth. Although you may have to make tough decisions or compromises along the way but accepting the reality as it is will help to ease things out for you. You have to understand that there are certain things in life you don’t have control over except for taking them at face value and extracting wisdom out of it while moving forward. 

Discipline needs to be observed this week not only in your personal life but your professional life as well. Draw upon your confidence and wisdom in order to identify opportunities for white and success as well as to manage your finances and invest them wisely for the long term. It’s a good time to translate your vision into something tangible and lucrative. I also have discussed in detail about the general energies of this year in the article, 2019 in tarot and numerology.

The week is going to end on a happy note I feel. There is going to be something to celebrate your joy with others such as promotion, job, birth, conception, marriage, healing etc. it’s also possible that you may take a new hobby or decide to turn your hobby into a profession. Your current circumstances are going to give you the opportunity for personal growth.

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Violet is the colour to explore this week. Working with the energy of this colour is going to assist you to achieve balance in order to regain freedom from old baggage and past issues. It encourages creative pursuits, helps to calm the emotions as well as heals insomnia. Meditating with Violet will enable you to activate your intuition and imagination.

May you have a wonderful week!


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