Weekly Medicine Feburary 11-17, 2019

By February 11, 2019 2019, weekly


“I am ready to share my authentic expression and I realize that I have infinite potential.”

Decks used

Tarot deck: Everyday Witch Tarot
Oracle deck: Prism Oracle

This week’s message is to have a clear stance and be vocal about your needs and requirements as well as your boundaries. You would want to operate from your head rather than your heart. In the coming days your motive may be to allow your emotions to take a backseat and connect with people who are match your intellectual understanding. You may have to listen to others and draw decisions based on the truth rather than believing in the gossips or grapevine.

You may be presented with a brilliant opportunity to make money or engage in a business venture that highlights the potential for growth and abundance. One thing that you need to be mindful of is to read the contract throughly and do a proper research before committing. Educational opportunities may also cross paths with you and chances are high for you to benefit from that knowledge and wisdom.

You may feel inspired to turn your dream into reality. Be open to exploring your passions and your big ideas. For that matter you need to focus your attention towards creating clearer plans for achieving your goals. Keep your feet planted on the ground and do not get carried away. Therefore, having a realistic and practical approach will lead to a step forward. You are being invited to try something new and discover another aspect of yourself. I also have discussed in detail about the general energies of this year in the article,2019 in tarot and numerology.

Valentine’s day is coming up this week and the knight of cups is inviting you to open up to new emotional experiences. Romance is in the air so take action towards expressing your feelings and emotions. An invitation for a new relationship could come your way now or in the near future. Those already in a relationship may want to take the relationship to another level by starting a family or announcing their partnership officially. You may find yourself taking a holiday or a trip with friends or a loved one.

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Silver is the colour to explore this week. Working with the energy of this colour is going to assist to strengthen your intention as well as the healing process. During stressful moments you can call upon silver energy to help calm your nerves and ease out things for you. Being persistent and patient is going to bring clarity in your endeavours.

May you have a wonderful week!


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