By December 31, 2018 weekly



“I am grateful for discovering my power to fulfill my dreams and create the reality that I desire in my life.”

“ I am comfortable in my own skin and therefore, I tend to maintain balance between my thoughts and actions. ”


Decks used

Tarot deck: Smith Waite (Centennial Edition)
Oracle deck: Sacred Travellers Oracle

This week we will transition into 2019, which is the year of creativity and self expression. To help you move into this New Year I am offering a new service by the name of New Year reading which is available for a limited time only. You can read more about this offering HERE!

The message for this week is to lay firm foundations for new and fresh beginnings. You can do so by going within and finding your inner sanctuary where you can truly hear the voice of your soul. Listen to what your soul is carving for and what it is advising you to do. By contemplating and reflecting you will be able to move forward gracefully and thoughtfully while releasing what is no longer needed in your life.

It’s time to open doors to future opportunities and possibilities. You may decide to start a new venture that shows a strong potential for prosperity and monetary gains. It’s also likely that someone introduces you to a promising opportunity. You could also come across important correspondences or legal documents during this week.

Business and financial matters may require you to take a sensible and practical approach. Any seeds sown into the ground will grow into a blossoming flower and give fruitful results.  Either you’re going to revive or you may provide someone with a helping hand. Some of you may have to consult a specialist or a doctor with regards to fertility or pregnancy matters.

Trust your heart and gut instincts even if it is at odds with your mind. No matter what, listen to the whispers of your soul. Be open to giving, receiving and sharing your knowledge, love and wisdom with others. It is not only going to bring inner satisfaction and fulfillment but it’s all going to help you realize the depth of your own mind, body and soul. if you would like a private reading with me, you can find out more here!


Bronze is the colour for this week. This is the colour to make wise choices and attract the right people in your life. Bronze is going to assist you in overcoming any destructive emotional patterns and release any irrational fears. Invoke the energy of this colour during any sort of negotiations in order to reach a successful and meaningful outcome. Wear  or meditate with this Bronze colour to bring strength and vitality into your life. 


1) How can I rejuvenate and strengthen my soul and body? 

2) What do I need to release and in order to adopt a more healthier lifestyle?

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May you have a wonderful week!



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