By December 3, 2018 weekly



“I stand up for myself and face any challenges with strength, courage and confidence.”

“I am creating my destiny and know that new and exciting opportunities are coming my way.”


Decks used

Tarot deck: Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot by Lana Zellner
Oracle deck: Vintage Wisdom Oracle by Victoria Moseley

This week’s message is to make thoughtful and introspective decisions. You may find yourself at crossroads or a transition, so heed to conventional wisdom and your intuition. Now is the time to stick to your original plans and tried and tested methods rather than taking wild risks. You also need to open up to receiving advice and assistance from others. Some of you may finally take a first step to ask for help such as booking a consultancy or therapy session.

Confront your fears, step into your power and accept things at face value instead of avoiding or denying them. Seek the truth so that you are able to uncover opportunities for liberation and growth. Make wise and sagacious decisions as well as be courageous and stand firm on them. Let go of the old ways that no longer serve your highest potential and focus on your present.

Commitment, love, sexual pleasure or marriage could occupy your thoughts this week. A relationship or a contract could be concluded officially and on a harmonious note. Both the partners could agree upon the need to end a relationship/contract whereas some of you would want to take your relationship to another level and may decide to publicly announce that you are a couple.

You may find yourself buying new clothes, improving your personal appearance or perhaps pay a visit to your hairdresser. Short trips or planning for a trip in the coming days seems likely. All in all, there’s a need for healing and addressing your personal needs. If you would like a private reading with me, you can find out more here!


Peach is the colour for this week. It can bring joy, lightness and kindness. Use the energy of this colour to release your fears, burdens and stress from your life. Wear something that is peach in colour or meditate on this colour to invite joy into your heart.


1) How can I release any habits that are limiting my potential?

2) What is stopping me from asking for help with my issues?

3) List down 2 people, thing or situations that inspire you.

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May you have a wonderful week!



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