Weekly Energy Reading March 25th – 31st, 2019

By March 25, 2019 2019, weekly


“My thoughts are clear and I use my mind to focus on what aligns with my values.”

Decks used

Tarot deck: Smith Waite Tarot
Oracle deck: Shamanic Medicine Oracle

This week’s message for the collective is to take into consideration an issue that has been troubling you unnecessarily and continuously creating problems. Be rational and take action towards dealing with the issue upfront. Pursue the truth of the matter and find ways to navigate the hurdles with ease. Once you’re able to clear the mental fog, you will find yourself moving towards achieving success and victory in your endeavours. You may feel inspired to take a writing class or enhance your communication and public speaking skills, basically getting involved in activities that require you to explore more of your brainpower than usual. 

You may find yourself bombarded with tons of new ideas and would want to initiate new projects. There is going to be the beginning of a promising venture that comes out of adversity. However, remember to stay focused and determined to cut through the obstacles. You need to channel your energy into the right moves in order to reach your aims and objectives. 

Being confident in your approach is going to assist you with willpower and resolution of your problems. A new idea will need careful planning and consideration. Have faith in your achievements as well as your abilities. Don’t let fear and guilt stand in the way of achieving success by reevaluating your decisions and methods.

There might be an upheaval in your plans or life in general. It will be a time for you to rid yourself of false structures and identify what truly matters to you. Divorce, separation, family quarrels, trouble with property, change of job or homes could come into play. This week a significant decision needs to be made, therefore you must choose your path wisely. Gather and make use of the tools that enhance who you are as well as help and direct you on your path. 

Healing and recovery will take place provided you talk to an advisor, counsellor or a friend. Couples who want to start a family may decide to visit to the doctor to discuss matters. Some of you may want to reinvent yourself, perhaps redo your closet and buy new clothes. Keep a check on your spending patterns and try not to purchase stuff just for the sake of it.

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Burgundy is the colour for this week. Working with the energy of this colour is going to stir and stimulate your passion. It can energize you whenever you are feeling low while showing you your path when you’re feeling lost and confused. Meditating with burgundy will enable you to experience clarity and coherence in your life.

May you have a wonderful week!

~ Saba


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