Weekly Energy Reading April 8th-14th, 2019

By April 8, 2019 2019, weekly


“I feel inspired and energized to take action and focus my intentions towards manifesting my dreams into reality.”

Decks used

Tarot deck: Steampunk Tarot
Oracle deck: Astrology Reading Cards

This week prompts you to focus on mastering and polishing your skills and talents. Whatever you have been working towards will come to fruition soon. Hence, continue with the approach you have had adopted to achieve your goals. If you feel stuck, look for inspiration around you and revisit your objectives. This is the time for hard work, diligence and dedication. If you’re called towards taking up a course or some other way to enhance your knowledge, then go ahead. You are going to come across greater rewards in the near future by developing your talents and investing in yourself now. 

An unexpected offer could come knocking at your door this week. It could be a new job opportunity, a business offer, new financial understanding or a new relationship. In short there’s going to be a beginning of something fresh and new. Through careful planning and determined efforts you can achieve anything you have set your mind to. You can thrive on and be inspired by creative outlets available to you. 

Be open to exploring your passions and your ideas. You may feel drawn towards a particular passion or hobby of yours and may decide to turn it into something more meaningful. It is indeed time to turn your dreams into reality by taking action. Always remember that if you ain’t going to actively pursue your dreams and take action then they will remain a dream and a figment of your imagination instead of being part of your reality. 

Your current circumstances will give you the opportunity for personal growth. Pain and gain are proportional, so more challenges equate to more gain. Your fortitude and practical attitude will assist you to acquire firm satisfaction and reduce fear and indecisiveness. Remember every cloud has a silver lining so look for it. You have all the tools at your disposal for healing to take place. 

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Peach is the colour for this week. Peach can assist in releasing tension and stress from the body. Furthermore, it helps to open up to new opportunities and possibilities emerging in our lives. You can introduce peach energy into your life through accessories, crystals, clothing, phone’s screensaver, nail colour etc.


What could you learn or create for the betterment and enhancement of yourself or your circumstances?

May you have a wonderful week!

~ Saba


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