Weekly Energy Reading April 21st-28th, 2019

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“I acknowledge that the only constant in life is change and I am prepared for it.


How can I stop micromanaging each and every aspect of my life?

Before diving into this week’s guidance for each zodiac sign, acknowledge that these are general readings and may not resonate with everyone. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Don’t forget to read your Rising and Moon signs along with your Sun sign.










You are headed for a change and this week could prove to be a turning point for you. If you are going through a difficult time know that it will get better soon. You may feel blessed and in sync with life so take advantage of such moments to steer your ship to where it needs to be. Prayer and meditation can reinforce your intention to bring you abundance, fulfillment and prosperity. Bear in mind that what you will send out will come back to you and what is meant for you, won’t pass you. Sale or purchase of a vehicle seems likely. 










A new idea or opportunity could come to you out of the blue. Spend time exploring the pros and cons of the offer to decide if you want to move forward with it. However, be vary that prolonged day dreaming could lead to loss of time, energy and resources. Be curious and open to the possibility of discovering new aspects about your own self. You may decide to engage in activities that bring out your creative side. This week you may exhibit immature behaviour and emotions as well as act overly sensitive to criticism. You could receive a message related to the birth of a baby, an engagement, marriage or some sort of a celebration. 










Your desire to move away from an oppressive situation, attitude or person will be strong this week. It’s a good time to let go of what no longer serves you. You may be about to move or embark on a creative project. You may find yourself all charged up with energy, passion and motivation. And it will completely depend upon on you how and where you channel this energy. Don’t be afraid or allow anyone to stop you from exploring new and unknown territories to expand your dreams. Travel related to business is possible or you will make travel plans for the coming days.










This week you are being encouraged to be vocal and express your creativity in any way, shape or form. Be productive rather than shying away from exhibiting your creative instincts. Focus and direct your attention towards one or two specific tasks in order to avoid scattering your energy into too many directions. News about pregnancy, childbirth or marriage could come your way. Things will start to get better for those of who have been experiencing fertility issues. Take out time during the week to nurture yourself by treating yourself to a spa day or through painting, music etc. In short indulge in self care whichever way is possible for you. 










You may experience a change of heart and leave an unsatisfactory and unfulfilling situation behind in order to move onto something new. Reflect upon what the past circumstances have taught you so that you can mature emotionally and direct your energies towards a new interest. A relationship could come to an end as both the partners have decided to walk different paths, one of the reasons being the inability to fulfill each other’s needs. Relocation, travel or change of jobs seems likely. Repressing your emotions will lead to further challenges. Therefore have an open and honest conversations with others. 










You can create any outcome you wish for, so be mindful of your intentions this week. Delegating your tasks and teamwork will assist you to get closer to your goals. Be open to appreciating the viewpoints of others instead of just imposing your perspective or getting irritated by their inquiries.  You may receive sound advice from a mature and knowledgeable person or you can be this person who helps other people through their wisdom and act as mediator to settle issues. Your love life will go well and bring about fulfillment and satisfaction. 










This week you need to attend to your innermost feelings and intuitive hunches. The answers you are seeking are going to come from within. Your dreams and sixth sense will give you the best counsel. Prayer will assist you to connect with yourself and your Creator. You may develop a strong interest in the mysticism, divination, psychology or any subject that deals with the hidden aspects of existence. You need to tap into your hidden potentials to ensure personal growth. You could also enroll in a course or training to deepen your knowledge. 










Growth and expansion will be the highlights of your week. Business matters will thrive and progress. It’s a great time to publicize and market your creative accomplishments and endeavours. Someone could offer you with assistance in regards to your career. You may explore international markets to expand your business or for job prospects. Broaden your horizons and prepare yourself for the upcoming opportunities and challenges beforehand. Step out of your comfort zone and dream bigger than your limitations.










You may receive a wave of new energy and enthusiasm from the intellectual realms. You can have a conscious understanding of an issue that has been troubling your mind currently. There can be a beginning of a promising venture that develops out of adversity. You may come across new ideas and inspiration this week. Through your willpower, determination and discipline you can overcome any obstacles and difficulties. Remember to think before you act. Medical incisions such as blood tests or a dental appointment might have to be scheduled. 










Your week will revolve around realizing your personal power and setting new priorities. This will help you to move rapidly towards achieving your objectives. You are being assured that the energy and time you are going to invest in your growth and development will be well worth it. Favorable messages and fresh opportunities will cross paths with you. You may decide to start a physical fitness program to efficiently release the extra energy. Sudden travel probably through air is possible.










This week give yourself permission to be playful, spontaneous and connect with your inner child. You may experience nostalgia and thus revive childhood memories through a reunion or revisiting photos and moments in your mind. You can also travel back to your childhood home/city to reconnect with your friends or family. Some matter with its roots in the past could resurface. Hence it advisable to recover and deal with that issue in order to get closer. Children may play a significant role in your life at this time. 










You may feel overwhelmed, drained and therefore will struggle to meet your many commitments and responsibilities. It is because you have taken on too much load onto shoulders and it is way more than you can handle. At this time it’s wise to delegate your responsibilities, otherwise you won’t be able to completely fulfill any of your commitments. Overwork will lead to exhaustion and health issues such as shoulder and back pain. Unloading your burden will help you to have more time to yourself as well as to enjoy life with your loved ones.

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May you have a wonderful week!

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