“She did a reading for me and it was spot on. I’ve been questioning which direction I should go in with my career and my reading was everything that I need to hear. All of the questions, and searching, and asking, it was all laid out in that reading and immediately put me on the track to pursuing my dreams. It was like she had heard every conversation I had ever had with my friends. I highly recommend getting a reading done.

Katrena Key

“Saba and I have only met through email and the readings she has provided me with had offered me clarity and advice into situations that she didn’t know were happening. I look forward to more readings with her, and her monthly horoscopes are ON POINT! Thank you, Serena!”

Jessika Erin

“Saba made me feel at ease today and I didn’t even mention what I was going through. The message she gave me was to the point and arrived at a time when I truly needed it! She was spot on and thank you so much for giving me the answers I so desperately needed. You are an angel and very gifted. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessings n love n light to u xxx”

Maria Briganza

“Thank you so much Saba for your time and reading. Spot on. You’re truly amazing!! You help me to see that with facing my “Fears” the ball is in my court and can take me anywhere. I highly recommend Serena to others. Love and light many blessings.”

Rosina H

“I had a mini reading about my studies which was spot on. It was non-generic answer and did emphasize I can pass but it is going to be influenced by many factors. Not just a, oh yes you will if you study type of response. Totally happy with this. Definitely recommending this lovely lady. Thank you. Xx”

Tash N

“Thank you so much for the mini reading received today. This has given me insight and information in relation to my question. It has given me hope & something to work towards, and areas to look into/out for. Can’t thank you enough xxx”

Jacqueline Brown

“I won a full moon card spread, and I have to say, Serena was great! Everything she said resonated with me so deeply, and has helped me with some very important decisions. I would 100% recommend her to anyone- thank you again!”

Nikki Sheehan

“I just had a reading with Saba, and let me just say she resonate with everything. What she read to me its how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been doing. Thank you so much for your time Serena. Love & light to you.”

Sheyla R

“I had a reading from Saba she read me well. What she picked up with me resonated so much. Her advice and guidance was so spot on. I’m looking forward to future readings with Serena Thank you.”

Mirelle G

“Thank you very much for taking the time to read me that was so beautiful and kind and made so much sense blessings.”

Mirelle GLori A

“Saba gave me a beautiful reading. It was right along the lines I have been working on in my life.”

Kaylene S