By October 27, 2018 SEPTEMBER 2018

Be sure to check your SUN🌞, MOON 🌛and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook.


September brings for you inner strength and courage. This is the time where you are going to have to show strength in adversity. Hold firm and don’t let anything or anyone to affect your decisions. Regardless of what your competitors and others around you are doing, you need to focus on your own ways. Do observe others but follow your own instincts. Struggles and hardships are part of life, therefore try to look at things from a higher perspective. Don’t give up because you can achieve success if you’re willing to make an effort. If someone puts forward a proposal or an offer, make sure to carry out a thorough research before agreeing upon it. Review and read the contract yourself rather than blindly following anyone. Take firm decisions and stick to your guns. You may feel under pressure at work or in some other situation. However, there is going to be rest from undue tensions. And with the passage of time you will be able to see things more clearly. In your love life, give time to yourself and the other person before jumping into something new. Don’t push your partner for something they ain’t ready for. Communication should be between you and your partner, hence don’t allow a third person to intervene. A woman could create tension in either your love or work life. It’s possible that you may want to revamp your closet and buy new stuff for yourself or you could decide to spend money on yourself by booking a trip. Apart from that, a business trip could also come up. You may plan to learn and study to enhance your knowledge. Anyway, prioritize and tackle one thing at a time this month. Focus for September needs to be reflection, trusting your feelings and relying on your own self.


September brings for you acceleration and modification. This month you may have to make a sacrifice for your own betterment. Although you might be hesitant to let go of the past, traditions or old methods but resisting change is something you need to avoid. It’s time to free yourself from any limitations and past occurrences that are holding you back. There can be a revelation that’s shocking but it’s also going to bring enlightenment for you. Some events may happen quickly therefore you might be unable to digest them properly. However, in the midst of all the chaos, try not to get lost as it may sway you away from your goals. Rather step back and reevaluate your priorities and values. Don’t go for outside appearances instead try to look at things from another perspective. At this point others might not be able to understand or accept your viewpoint. Therefore, clinging to old goals is going to prevent you from accepting wonderful opportunities in the future. Separation or change of residence is possible. You may realize that a relationship is detrimental thus could decide that it’s better to get out of it. Consulting a professional or an expert is going to help you with your situation. Focus for September needs to be contemplation, casting off false values and accepting change.


September brings for you wish fulfillment and a sense of well being. This is the month where you can manifest what you have been wishing for. Your worries are going to disappear while new plans will be materialized. If you have been working on a project know that once major work will be completed, you should look into taking a break and a much needed holiday before proceeding forward. Before you can enjoy all the good things that this month has to offer, you need to walk away from what us no longer serves you, as well as break free of self limiting beliefs. You could act as your own worst enemy due to your fear of the unknown. Your reluctance to try something new or to assert yourself and your ideas could also pose a threat to your own self. You can overcome the feeling of being trapped and boxed in by opening your eyes and mind to the truth of the situation. Once you do that, you will be able to leave an unsatisfactory situation and move onto something new and better. You must face your fears before taking a crucial decision. Your sense of ego may prevent you from being honest with yourself so be mindful of that. Reflect upon what you have learned from your past as it’s going to help you with emotional maturity. Leave a dissatisfied/destructive relationship or a business contract behind if need be. Don’t blame others for your own mistakes. There will be an increase in your knowledge and awareness somehow. Someone may hold grudges against you but don’t let them muddle your thoughts.

Focus for September needs to be contentment, satisfaction and positive mindset.


September brings for you success and victory in your endeavors. Some sort of a transformation could take place this month that in turn is going to foster your growth. Release and eliminate any inefficient methods and useless structures. If you have been involved in a dispute, chances seem bright that you are able to reach a common ground. You may receive recognition for your work or a promotion in your career. Your efforts are going to be rewarded. I feel that you have taken way too much load onto yourself due to which you might be unable to complete all the tasks on time. Therefore, it’s advisable to delegate your responsibilities amongst others so that collectively your are able to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. Overwork can lead to health issues so be careful. Relationship matters are going to proceed to the next level this month. If your partner wants to make things official, don’t hesitate or push him away rather try to be on the same page with him. Those who are single could come across new love and friendships. For those relationships that have become stagnant, it’s time to communicate and clear the air about where you stand. Reconciliation seems likely. Do listen to what others have to say. A mature and senior person could give you a sound advice that’s going to assist you with your circumstances. Focus for September needs to be compassion, understanding and purging.

♌ LEO ♌

September brings for you passion and versatility. Any venture under taken or initiated during this month has the potential to grow and achieve success. Those of you wanting to start a new business or introduce something new in their existing business, should go ahead with it. A woman with a magnetic and fiery personality seems significant. Don’t be afraid to ask her for assistance because she could give you a sensible one. However, don’t follow the advice of anyone even this woman’s blindly. Either you or someone around you might take unnecessary advantage of the other person such as double dealing or intentionally providing false information. Be honest with yourself and others around you. Some of your plans may not work out as intended so don’t lose hope or give up. Rather stay optimistic and work hard. Make sure you ain’t involved in an illicit or deceptive endeavors. Be careful of anything you say or put in writing. I feel there’s some information hidden from you at the moment which is going to come out in the open in due time and will clarify a lot if things for you. Beware of people in your social circle who pretend to be are your allies but deep down hold ill intentions towards you. You may deceive yourself by ignoring your intuition and feelings, the advise is not to do so. Travel or change of residence seems likely. A job change is also possible. Focus for September needs to be self assertion, confidence and diplomacy.


September brings for you a change for the better. A decision seems to be in the offing that could alter your life. You have to accept the reality as well as the things you can’t change. Be mindful of your behavior and what you say during this month. Malicious actions won’t produce desired results so if you want something make sure you actually desire it otherwise you may not feel as fulfilled as you had thought of previously. You may need to swallow your pride as well as admit your limitations before proceeding ahead. You have to change your attitude toward others as well as how you approach a conflicting situation. Some of the strife showing up in your life could be due to you not willing to see other person’s viewpoint. Don’t scatter your energy into too many directions. It’s time to confront petty issues and nuisances. I feel your rival or someone around could dodge and back stab you. This person could spread false rumors about you so it’s better to keep your intentions to yourself rather than sharing them with everyone. Listening to too many opinions could muddle your thoughts. Therefore reach for your own conclusions. You may get what you wish for but you might have to show a lot of patience and persistence for tangible results. Don’t lose hope and live your life to the fullest. A long standing venture could show improvements. Remember that slow and steady progress assures success. With the passage of time, all wounds will be healed. This month you may decide to either send your car to the garage for maintenance or purchase a new one. You may travel in relation to business.
Focus for September needs to be practicality, caution and sensibility.


September brings for you sudden changes and gallantry. You might come across an unexpected or chaotic situation that leads to mental challenges. You may need to face quick and firm actions in order to get past the struggle. Though overconfidence, overindulgence and rash behavior could create stress and tension so try to avoid them. It all depends upon you whether to view the glass being half empty or half full. This month cut wishful thinking out of your life. You are capable of steadfast commitment towards achieving your goals. Therefore, just be clear on what you are wishing for, because if half way through you are going to change your mind then it may result in disappointment and restlessness. Keep in mind that there is no use crying over spilt milk so be very clear about what you desire and how you plan to achieve it. Now is the time to follow your head rather than your heart. Sound professional advice will help you differentiate between success and failure. Make sure you ain’t making any impulsive purchases or decisions. I am also getting an offer coming up for you to explore new horizons such as higher education. This could even be a money making opportunity. Birth or pregnancy seems likely. New relationships could develop. You are about to be blessed with love and happiness. I feel you need to allow the grief work to proceed and revise your emotional priorities as well. Focus for September needs to be decisiveness, resoluteness and persistence.


September brings for you new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s time to leave your troubles behind and concentrate on what’s ahead. An ending may occur or some change might be forced upon you where you have little say in the matter. The circumstances can’t worsen anymore than they already have so the best way forward is to move on. You may be in pain but know that healing is going to occur and with the passage of time the intensity of that pain and hurt will lessen. All you can now do is to start again and fresh. I see you entering a tranquil period in which your peace of mind will also be restored. You must let go of dying circumstances and false beliefs in order to make way for the future. During this month review past difficulties and evaluate how you can create a better future for yourself. Be patient and reasonable while taking a decision as well as in your approach towards others. Cooperating now will give birth to brighter times in the come days. In Heath matters, recovery will take place. Take care of your spinal area i.e. your neck and your back. If an opportunity for travel comes up, I would suggest you to take it as it’s going to relive you from all the present worries in your life. Even carrying out some activities such as swimming is going to assist you well. All in all, this is the month that is going to ease out all the previous tensions in your life.
Focus for September needs to be renewal, healing and moderation.


September brings for you determination and sense of purpose. You may come across a competitive situation that pressurizes you to confront the odds. However, you are going to be at an advantage even if you don’t realize it. You may have to take a firm stand and defend your position. It’s likely that other people might not understand and view your ideas as viable or close to reality. But don’t give up the struggle because if you are going to continue making efforts, victory will surely come your way. You will have to show strength and courage. Moderation and blending of ideas and strategies will enable you to achieve your goals. Do observe and listen to what others have to say but don’t completely switch your plans on the advice of others. Compromise and cooperation is going to save the day. You may be anticipating a response to a proposal but impatience could result in a negative response. I do see delays that may frustrate and make you angry but patience is what is needed at this time. Take charge of your creative energies and make solid plans to pursue your desires. It’s time to solve your problems energetically while balancing your family and business matters. You may establish a friendship or relationship with someone who is out of your league. Exhibit the qualities of a leader who inspires others. Focus for September needs to be enthusiasm, discretion and reevaluation.


September brings for you sensibility and sensuality. This month you would have to manage all your chores in a realistic and practical manner. Well you people are good at it already so I don’t feel it to be that big of a task. Business and financial matters are going to proceed and show success. Your creative endeavors may start to show growth and monetary returns. You may cross paths with a shrewd business woman but hold firm and stick to your guns. If you don’t act as being strong and responsible, chances are that the other person is going to take unnecessary advantage of you. Use your strength and tenacity to face the competition that shows up in your life and your business ventures. Don’t give up too easily or even lose hope. This month you could enter a period of new learning. For organizing your financial aspects, consult a specialist. You may climb a ladder in your career. Real estate and property matters could go well. Do take care of your physical and emotional needs. Birth of a child or pregnancy seems quite likely for you. Temporary separation from a loved one is possible. You may need to let go of a relationship or situation that brings you anguish. Focus for September needs to be loyalty, kindness and confidence.


September brings for you swift action and creative energy. This is going to be a fast pace month so make sure to go with the flow. Change is in the air for you. You may be about to embark on a creative journey or perhaps a business trip. Your confidence and enthusiasm is going to assist you in achieving your goals. Either you or someone is going to help you with sustainable business ideas. A matter of considerable importance is going to emerge in your life. Don’t waste your energy rather work towards ending a period of stagnation. Relocation in your job or change of residence is possible. Be careful and diligent with any written communications. Education can benefit you at this time and if you apply for a scholarship chances are bright for it to be approved. In love matters, romantic relationships have the the potential to blossom whereas your partner may not yet be ready to settle down. So take it easy and enjoy the present moments. For some of you its time to cut ties and get away from an oppressive person or situation. Get rid of the anything that you have outgrown and be open to new opportunities. Though growth might be slow initially but progress is surely going to show up. You could benefit from athletic activities this month. Focus for September needs to be swift action, studiousness and open mindedness.


September brings for you warmth and emotional equilibrium. The spirit of cooperation pervades this month. A resolution of problems and reconciliation is possible. You along with the other party is going to find a common ground to resolve any issues. Don’t cut yourself off from people because it may result in you feeling lonely. This may lead to distraction and dissatisfaction. There’s is also a possibility that you might also lose out on opportunities that could be of benefit to you in the future. Therefore, you need to go out and meet with people in order to overcome boredom and depression you may encounter this month. Being an introvert is something you need to stop practicing this month. Avoid being dominant and assertive as it can create tensions and imbalance in your work and family. Listen to what others have to say and give some importance to their point of view as well. Review your emotions and the reason behind you being afraid to enter into an agreement with another person. The advice is not to rush anything but rather to take time to contemplate before proceeding.
Focus for September needs to be mutual respect, harmony and diplomacy.

These readings are general and won’t resonate with everyone.

I have used tarot cards for the above predictions.

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