By October 27, 2018 OCTOBER 2018

Be sure to check your SUN🌞, MOON 🌛and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook.

These readings are general and may not resonate with everyone.


“I see other people as they are right now.”

October brings for you rebirth and forward movement. You may feel detached and bored because of discontentment over some aspect in your life. This is a time of reassessment and reevaluation. Don’t waste time by sitting idle and worrying unnecessarily. Cutting yourself off from your external environment won’t get you anywhere, in fact it is going to prolong stress and anxiety. Look around as support is available to you but due to feeling demoralized you seem to be ignoring that help. This in turn is going to lead to foggy and unclear thoughts. If someone is being abusive towards you, then open your eyes and leave this person behind. They do not hold any space in your life anymore. On the contrary, the problem that you may be seeing in others could actually be residing within you. Don’t judge others neither allow anyone to judge you. It’s time to move on from old involvement as they may not work out anymore. Im not saying to rush but rather take your time to meditate and contemplate before proceeding. Take action rather than feeling depressed and sad. It will bring forward a new direction and path for self improvement. Be open to new beginnings and new methods. Focus for October needs to be logic, massive realization and shifting your perspective.


“I have hope but I do not have any expectations.”

October brings for you celebration and reunions. This month take things easy and have fun. Get ready for some joyous news and event showing up in your life. You will a have a reason to celebrate with others, your loved ones specifically. You may decide to finally give time to your hobby which is going to bring you much happiness. For business matters, seek wise counsel and think long term. If you’re looking for employment or promotion, it’s coming your way soon. You may come across a money making opportunity or a project that is going to produce tangible results. Be willing to work with others and put your talents to beneficial use. You can influence others in a good way so be open to giving and receiving support. Marriage, pregnancy, engagement seems likely. If your relationship is off track, therapy/counseling is going to help you at this time. Negotiation will bring forward healing and nurturance. If you’re not open to receiving help in any area of your life, then that will give rise to more issues. Don’t allow family pressure or social considerations to overwhelm you. This is time to be your own teacher. Some of you may take take up a new field of study to advance your knowledge. Focus for October needs to be empathy, responsibility and cooperation.


“I am aware that others can point the way and give me techniques but I lead my own way.”

October brings for you inner strength and perseverance. Looks like this is going to be somewhat a tough and slow month for you. It’s likely that you may feel pulled into too many directions and due to some delays you may feel lost and confused. You have the strength to tackle any problem. However, it’s not the time to make any major changes rather be watchful and stand your ground. You need to ask yourself, are you using your precious energy on issues too small to really matter? Are they worth your time? But if you’re fighting for something important, stand firm and don’t give up. Don’t hesitate to keep working towards your goals. You may have to overcome one last challenge to reach your final destination. It’s not the right time to initiate any new projects or ideas. This is the time to pause, reflect upon what you have already started. Manage your finances and strategies carefully and cautiously. Some legal proceedings might come up for you. Short trips are possible. You may decide to purchase new clothes for yourself. Marriage or engagement proposals could come your way. Basically some of you would want to declare your relationship officially and legalize it. Focus for October needs to be wariness, courage and commitment.


“Happiness and joy flow from deep within me.”

October brings for you growth and stability. It’s time to express your creative endeavors in a production manner. Any projects initiated will have the potential for success in the coming months. So take maximum benefit of this opportunity and be open to laying new foundations. Initially progress might be slow but don’t let it dampen your spirits. Steady growth is what you need to aspire for. A professional or a mentor might provide you with a sensible advice that may assist in your business. Real estate and property matters are going to go well. Be diligent and carefully with any written communications and documents. Your application for loan may be approved. Your love life is going to sail smoothly this month only if you’re willing to listen to what your partner has to say and share. This is the month where you are openly going to give and receive love and support. A resolution of problems and reconciliation seems likely. The cards are also indicating marriage and birth. Education may benefit you at this time. Some of you may start to work on completing your thesis. Focus for October needs to be discipline, practicality and willingness to help others.

♌ LEO ♌

“I listen to others without criticism or judgement.”

October brings for you swift action and sudden changes. Change is in the air for you which may expect you to be active and on the go. If a conflicting situation arises, know that you are going to come out of it quickly and somewhat chaotically. Wherever you’re going to put your mind to, with steadfast commitment you will be able to achieve your goals and success respectively. Sound professional advice is going to help you differentiate between success and failure. It’s time to follow your head rather than your heart. Leave an oppressive person or circumstances behind and try to avoid impulsive or rash behavior. You may desire to break the mold and free yourself from the restrictions of conventionality. In the midst of all this, it’s possible that you ignore or forget to spend time with your family, friends or loved ones. Remember to step back and have fun. In romantic relationships, your partner may want you to show passion and excitement although you may not yet be ready for it perhaps due to your strict work schedule. Travel, may be a long journey could come up for you. Focus for October needs to be assertiveness, resoluteness and balanced judgement.



“I honour my relationships with loving care and attention.”

October brings for you enlightenment and power of positive thinking. This is month where a ray of sunshine is going to enter your life. There’s going to be hope, peace and fulfillment, provided that you stay optimistic and think clearly. It’s time to shift your thoughts away from negativity and towards creatively expressing yourself. Come up with practical and thoughtful solutions to your problems. You need to free yourself from your self limiting beliefs because they are hindering your growth. During moments of doubt and uncertainty, know that the only path out is to move forward. Your present ideas, plans and solutions may not work anymore or they need some alterations in order to produce successful results. Introduce an element of change and let go of false beliefs and old structures. It’s time to stop procrastinating when it comes to your relationships. Reach out to your beloved and say your thoughts out loud. Face your fears with courage so that you can transcend your anxieties and resolve the problems at hand. Promote yourself and your work at different forums. Focus for October needs to be optimism, rationality and physical exercise.


“Deep within me is a solid core of calm and peace.”

October brings for you heightened emotions and psychic awareness. It’s time to face your deepest fears or ingrained patterns from the past that may be affecting your current behavior. Something secretive or invisible presently may come out in the open, not necessarily that it’s going to be negative. You must attend to your feelings, dreams and intuition. They’re going to assist you during fluctuating moods or uncertain circumstances. Someone may try to feed you with false advice or information, so just beware and don’t listen or follow them blindly. You can make good use of your creative talents and also market them to the world. Show off your skills and abilities as chances are that your efforts are going to be reward and appreciated. Your mother or a mother figure may come up prominently in your affairs. Feel free to to do things your way. Although others may feel you are disregarding their opinions but that’s not your headache. Some of you may undergo a new emotional experience. Consider the future ramifications before making a commitment in any area of your life. Focus for October needs to be gentleness, accomplishment and following your intuitive hunches.




“I stand strong in the face of arrogant or aggressive people.”

October brings for you assertiveness and physical activity. Some sort of conflict or strife involving other people may show up in your life. Family, friends or coworkers might not be cooperating with each other. Each one of you feels as if you know a magical solution to the issue at hand. You may struggle to prove yourself or to make your point. Seems like you may have two options to choose from, either to be the peacemaker or walk away from this situation. You may need to show strength in adversity and confront petty issues. What you need to do is not to scatter your energy into too many direction. Rather set priorities and delegate your responsibilities in order to avoid stress. You need to pause, rest and rejuvenate your energy. You may have to deal with some ingrained issues of the past so that you’re able to overcome guilt and shame. Accept it at face value and don’t allow societal pressures to suppress your feelings. Your travel plans might be delayed. Relocation or purchase of a new house is possible. You may reconcile or rekindle an old friendship. A celebratory moment could show up for you this month. Focus for October needs to be self confidence, contentment and contemplation.


“I am resourceful and will find a way and if I can’t find the way I will make the way.”

October brings for you opportunity and foresight. You may need to dig deeper and explore your untapped potential. If you have initiated a project in the recent past and you may be looking for results to show up quickly which might not be the case which could lead to restlessness and frustration. Acknowledge that you may achieve your goals if you are going proceed with the flow and according to the plan. You may need to assert yourself in any negotiation you might be involved in. Take one step at a time and avoid making any huge leaps. Your strategy should to move forward with determination and a clear sense of purpose. Your wishes are going to be fulfilled but stay a bit patient and centered. You may take a trip or make travel plans. Avoid over confidence, over indulgence and overeating this month. Keep a check on your diet in order to be healthy. Be open to giving and receiving love, gifts and support. Seems like the month will end with you being satisfied and content with the progress at hand. Focus for October needs to be hard work, patience and gratification.


“I understand that my true purpose is to give and receive love.”

October brings for you spiritual growth and wisdom. It’s time to be your own guru and teacher. Go after what you have been wanting to explore and learn lately. Do what your soul has been calling you towards be it traditional or unconventional. During enlightening moments if you need help, feel free to ask for it and receive the support of others. I feel that you may come across a new perspective and methods of approaching things. Your unique ways might not be appreciated by others so don’t let it affect you. Rid yourself of the social bindings and false beliefs that hinder your growth. Perhaps a sacrifice might have to be made on your behalf. You may have to let go of old ways but be willing to introduce change because the idea is to help you learn an important truth about yourself and act accordingly. Time spent in contemplation and relaxation is well worth it. You may be presented with an opportunity to make money or engage in a new business venture. Do your research beforehand so that you are in a position of advantage. Be careful with any written communications. Education and acquiring knowledge may be of interest to you at this time. Your efforts and hard work will be rewarded though it may take some time to show tangible results. Focus for October needs to be reflections, diligent and take wise decisions.



“I release any attachment to the results of my good actions.”

October brings for you change and movement. You may enter or leave an oppressive situation and a matter of considerable importance may surface. It’s time to follow your emotions and feelings rather than your mind. Your confidence and enthusiasm is going to help you reach an important goal this month. Someone could present you with helpful business ideas. Instead of being stubborn and headstrong, approach the situation with an open mind. Ask yourself, how are you enslaved in your life? What unhealthy patterns are controlling you? Don’t allow negative thoughts or fears to hamper your growth rather confront and deal with them at face value. Don’t feel ashamed about them. Romantic relationships may blossom and be full of excitement and enthusiasm. However, if you’re looking for commitment from your partner, it may not come yet. Expect to receive a letter or message that you have been waiting for. Being impulsive or harsh can make the circumstances go sour. If you’re seeking a career change, this is time to go ahead. Business related travel seems likely. You may benefit from athletic activity at this time. Focus for October needs to be optimism, creativity and generosity.


“I fill myself with love and my love overflows to others.”

October brings for you protection and prosperity. This is the month where you need to aggressively fight against your fears, worries and doubts. If things ain’t going your way, instead of getting fearful or frustrated, look for ways to tackle such circumstances. Following unbridled passions will contribute towards further stress and anxiety. The unhealthy patterns may give you satisfaction for a few minutes but they won’t last long. And later on you may find yourself in the whirlwind of guilt and shame. Your belief that you are unable to change is stifling your person growth. Therefore, you need to turn inwards to examine your feelings and to nurture your mind, body and soul. Inspiration is there for you, you just need to look around yourself. You may soon be invited to attend a friends or family reunion. If not then plan a meetup with your loved ones. This may act as a counseling session and a break from your daily routine. Prospects for marriage look good. Keep a check on your health, especially females may experience some hormonal imbalance. One its reason could be pregnancy or child birth. Focus for October needs to be self love, empathy and realization of hopes.

I have used tarot cards for the above predictions.

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