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Another month has passed and we are almost near the end of this year. November this year is the month for planning and building. It’s a good time to bring order and structure into your business as well as personal life.

Before diving into this month’s medicine for each zodiac sign, acknowledge that these are general readings and may not resonate with everyone. Take what resonates and leave the rest. However, if you would like a private reading with me, you can find out more here!

Be sure to check your SUN 🌞, MOON 🌛 and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook.

♈ ARIES  ♈

“I acknowledge that stepping out of my comfort zone is necessary for growth.”

November brings for you generosity, appreciation and assistance. This month make sure that you are practicing a balanced give and take. If you’re giving too much of yourself to others while receiving little to nothing in return than that needs to change. Whereas if you find yourself at the receiving end, make sure to share and give back to others and the society in some way. It may also be the case that you invest your time, money and energy in areas or situations which don’t seem viable anymore. Therefore it’s advisable to consult an experienced person who can provide you with sound advice about how, where and when to proceed further. Teaching your skills to others or helping them to enhance their talents will bring you satisfaction and happiness on a deeper level. I sense that some of you may decide to leave a stale situation. Although initially it may be heartbreaking and difficult but know that in the long run, it will be for your own benefit. A job promotion, relocation or career change seems likely. A relationship may come to an end because one partner was not much invested in it than the other. Be rational and logical while taking into consideration your intuitive hunches when dealing with tough circumstances. It’s time to tend to your heart and emotions so that you’re able to heal and be ready for a fresh start.

Focus for November needs to be harmony, corporation and fair decisions.


“I focus on what matters and every decision I make helps shape my destiny.”

November brings for you sincere efforts and confidence. A project that you may have started in the recent times may show early stages of accomplishment and may provide you with the tangible results. You may start to receive appreciation and well wishes from your peers and your community. This month invites you to assist and mentor others while learning from such experiences. Teaching and educating people about something can improve your work situation. Some of you may start a job as a teacher at a school or college. All in all, you could receive an opportunity to make money through beneficial use of your talents. Allow your creative talents to flow freely. Wise money management is something you need to master. Some of you may complete pending house repairs or would want to redecorate your home. Your work life may come in the way of your personal and family commitments. Too much concentration on your work or some sort of family pressure could even sway you away from tending to your own needs. Face your fears rather than just fretting over them. Inspiration is all around you but your anxiety is overshadowing it. You may be entering or leaving a significant situation. There can be a start of an exciting romantic relationship.

Focus for November needs to be diligence, optimism and cautious investments.


“I am constantly growing, developing and improving as well as working towards overcoming any limitations.”

November brings for you excitement and perspective. This is the month to connect with your roots and inner child to draw enthusiasm and joy back into your life. Look within and find the spark that went missing from your life. You can overcome any self imposed limitations or unbridled passions. Don’t be ashamed of any of your actions. For instance, you may do more cheat days and get sidetracked from your usual healthy diet but it’s ok. The idea is to realize your mistakes and correct them rather drowning in guilt and shame. It’s important to recover and deal with the issues or hurtful memories. Change is in the air for you, so step out of a situation confidently that no longer serves your highest good. And I feel you may come out of it quickly once you’re going to set your mind to overcome any obstacles currently residing in your life. Journey over water or a short trip seems likely. Taking up some athletic activity is going to provide you with satisfaction on an emotional, mental and physical level. An ardent romantic and sensual relationship could come knocking at your door. Those of you already in a relationship may plan to start a family. A family gathering or union is possible. Someone may present you with helpful business ideas.

Focus for November need to be stability, emotional renewal and enthusiasm.


“I am productive in achieving my goals and open my mind to endless opportunities surrounding me.”

November brings for you achievement and enlightenment. You may accomplish your goals and receive rewards for your efforts.  Celebrate such moments with others and your loved ones. Some people around you may not be happy on your success however, don’t allow this to affect you or your celebratory moments. If there was a conflict with regards to a partnership or contract, this is time where through negotiations you can reach a common ground. Problems will be solved and agreements will be reached through rational as well as thoughtful solutions. This may be related to both your professional and personal relationships. Marriage or birth, basically a celebration of sorts seems likely. A proposal or offer may be presented to you. Be sure that you don’t act impulsive and make commitment without facing ground the reality. During doubtful moments, it’s advisable to render services of a professional, someone who can show you a clear and bigger picture which can assist you to make a wise decision. This month you may uncover some passion of yours that may have been buried deep inside of you for quite sometime now. You could also decide to revamp your closet or your appearance. You may decide to go for a different hair cut or colour. Take charge and express yourself fully this month.

Focus for November needs to be cooperation, self reliance and clear thinking.

♌ LEO  ♌

“My creative energy radiates outwardly to heal myself and the people I meet.”


November brings for you illumination and power of positive thinking. Conflicts or challenges that were lingering in your life, may now come to an end. This month you should look into expressing yourself in any way, shape or form. Take charge and commit to what your soul has been calling you towards. The inspiration is already present in your life, it’s just a matter of you acknowledging it. Make use of your skills and abilities as well as be open to share them with the world. Not only will it allow you to get exposure but you’re also going to assist people to heal through your art or your talents. Don’t think only about personal gains but also for the society. If you are feeling blocked currently and can’t see a way out, it’s advisable to step back, reflect and connect with your inner self. Ask questions and be open to receiving answers from your Higher Self. Counseling can aid in your search for understanding yourself. Some of you would want to indulge in acquiring and expanding your esoteric knowledge. This month you should be feel healthy, alive and blessed. A trip or vacation may be in the offing for you.

Focus for November needs to be creativity, exuberance and discretion.

♍ VIRGO  ♍

“I am self-reliant, creative and persistent in whatever I do.”

November brings for you competency and versatility. The passion or goals you have been working towards will bring about a successful outcome. Your business minded and optimistic approach can help you uncover as well as overcome the competition. It’s time to be active and on the go and avoid being lazy or aggressive.  Be strong, decisive and approach situations with a clear mindset. Things may proceed slowly which may make you restless. Being too ambitious and not taking into account the ground realities can pose a threat to your situation. It’s not the time for making sudden unexpected changes. Instead enjoy the present moments and think of how you can make improvements in your circumstances to get meaningful results in the future. You may have to deal with some important legal documents. Sale or purchase of house or land seems likely. Any project or venture initiated during this month can grow to become a prosperous and successful business in the long run. You can also receive a helping hand or an offer that open doors for future financial opportunities. However, be sure to avoid impulsive or rash behavior.

Focus for November needs to be confidence, productivity and foresight.

♎ LIBRA  ♎

“My positive attitude, confidence and hard work naturally draws in new opportunities.”

November brings for you daring action and new ideas. An opportunity to start something new or an opportunity for growth could come knocking at your door. If you have been waiting to receive a message, call, letter or cheque, seems like it will arrive soon. Basically some good news is surely coming your way this month. If you’re looking into starting a new venture, now is the right time for it. In the midst of all the excitement, don’t ignore your emotional and intuitive hunches. A woman who could be your wife, sister or mother may play a significant role in your life in the coming weeks. Some of you might change jobs or it could be a career change altogether. Seems like your plans are written down on paper only and they are yet to be put into action. The advice is to take charge and starting working towards achieving your goals. To complete the initial work you may require the help of a professional advisor. There will be success in business and financial matters provided you take up a practical approach. There can be a start of a passionate love relationship. Those of you already in a relationship may experience heightened emotions and passionate times. This month make sure that you introduce some physical exercise in your routine.

Focus for November needs to be introspection, sensibility and persistence.


“I release past anger and hurts and fill myself with serenity and peaceful thoughts.”

November brings for you healing and wisdom. You need to act as your own teacher and mentor. Do take the advice of others but do what feels right to you. It might be in your best interest to follow the set ways of doing things rather than taking risks. However, if you feel confused and can’t find a way out, the cards are advising you to prioritize your time and energy.  Don’t multitask or scatter your energy into too many directions. That way you won’t be able to complete important tasks. If a situation didn’t turn out the way you had expected it to, it’s time to overcome the grief and disappointment. Dealing with such pain is going to help you heal and be open to new possibilities. A decision needs to be made that’s going to ease out things for you. Perhaps a change of job or environment could improve your situation. If you want to take a course or expand your knowledge in some way, it’s time to go ahead and do so. Wise money management is something you should practice this month.

Focus for November needs to be flexibility, harmony and going with the flow.


“I continuously striving to learn, improve and grow my mind, body and soul.”

November brings for you a new perspective and dedication. This month you need to pause and reevaluate your goals, attitudes, behavior or priorities while remaining true to yourself. If there’s anything that’s not working out the way you had wanted it to, know that this is the time to either  let go of it or adopt a totally new way like redoing it. This is not the time to take assertive action rather move slowly and wisely. You may have to give up on an old way or relationship in order to make way for the new. A significant choice might have to be made, therefore take your time before reaching a decision. Have heart to heart conversations with your partner and listen to what their stance is. Take and accept things at face value. Rather than indulging in self pity, it’s better to contemplate on how to proceed forward from there. Allow yourself to ask for assistance if a need arises or if someone offers a helping hand, be willing to take it. Be open to receiving love and happiness. Go out, have fun and enjoy with your friends and loved ones. This will bring emotional as well as spiritual nourishment for you. You will get what you deserve, you just need to show some patience. Short trips may come up.

Focus for November needs to be reflection, adaptability and emotional renewal.


“My way forward is paved with the strength of an open heart and power of an open mind.”

November brings for you collaboration and growth. You may be at the early stages of an enterprise or project and things may move slowly. Hence, you may feel restless and uneasy about further progress. It’s also possible that this agility is due to you waiting for the response to a proposal, letter or email. However, the advice is to deal with any issues energetically and assert yourself if and when involved in negotiations. You must confront the issues directly because they won’t disappear on their own. Don’t just stick by traditional methods rather be open to try and explore unconventional ways and methods. You may feel overwhelmed by too many factors so use the time to prioritize and make solid plans for the future. Consult an expert for help with your situation. Keep check on your spending patterns this month. Don’t over exercise or overindulgence in anything. You may get invited to a religious or spiritual ceremony. Travel, move or relocation seems likely for you this month.

Focus for November needs to be decisiveness, courage and successful negotiation. 


“I refuse to settle for less than what I deserve and release any old baggage and grow into my greatness.”

November brings for you inner strength and self confidence. You have to rely on yourself this month to solve any issues showing up in your life. You need to have faith in your own abilities and talents. Your patience, gentleness and vitality may assist in achieving your goals. You need to harness your energy in a meaningful way rather than spending time in distress and worry. Sitting alone and not going out to socialize may further contribute towards stress and anxiety. Meditation and yoga classes can help you gain harmony and peace of mind. If you’re feeling stuck, seek advice of an experienced person but do what your inner self guides you towards.  Business matters will be active and thriving. You may look into expanding your business overseas. Team work and cooperation may help to reach your goals and ambitions successfully. This is a good time to take up a course or subject that interests you. For some of you there may be a need for a much deserved break from studies. Hence, you may make some travel plans or a short trip like a weekend getaway.

Focus for November needs to be endurance, contemplation and healing.


“A bright new day dawns for me as I liberate myself from the shadows of the past.”

November brings for you reflection and perseverance. It’s time to withdraw voluntarily from your external environment and seek truth about a situation, your feelings or another person. If you’re going to refuse to open your mind to the truth of the situation then you may continue to feel boxed in and trapped. Counseling may help you decide between the options at hand or can assist you to reach a wise decision. You need to relax and think silently and deeply about your circumstances. Keep things to yourself and don’t share your ideas, motives or plans with anyone else for now. It’s also likely that you will be traveling and being away from home, your partner or your loved may make you feel lonely and sad. Take advantage of this alone time by indulging in self care. Don’t allow your fears or worries to bind or limit your potential. You can achieve anything, once you set your mind to it. Follow your own trail and don’t be afraid to shake things up and do them differently. Any hormonal imbalances or health issue might start to heal. This month you should look into increasing your activity levels and sticking to a healthy diet.

Focus for November needs to be assertiveness, negotiation and a firm stance.


I have used tarot and oracle cards as a tool for the above predictions. 

Wishing you a very happy November!


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