Tarotscopes for May 2019

By May 4, 2019 2019, May 2019

May is the month for balancing material and spiritual worlds. Reclaim your personal power over anything or anyone that has caused you to feel disempowered in some way. Reprogram your limiting beliefs and adopt an attitude of abundance and prosperity to be able to achieve your goals and objectives.   

Before diving into this month’s guidance for each zodiac sign, acknowledge that these are general readings and may not resonate with everyone. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Be sure to check your SUN 🌞, MOON 🌛 and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook.


May brings for you contentment and inspiration. You need to step out of the box and cut through any restrictions that are holding you. Only you can assist yourself at this time by focusing on what is still present in your life instead of crying over the spilt milk. Put your attention towards what you want and desire, learn to be patient and you will eventually get there. Do something that enables you to enjoy the fruits of your labour because that can help you overcome a feeling of incompleteness and longing. Take a stroll, indulge in gardening or go for a long drive at least once during this month in order to connect and appreciate the beauty of nature. This will help you to stay present and bring about an element of gratitude in your life. For any financial concerns that are out of reach to resolve, be open to ask for help. Don’t blindly follow anyone although listen to everyone but at the end, the decision should be based upon your own thoughtful judgements. The challenges that you have been facing earlier will now come to an end. 

Focus for may needs to be rationality, fairness and cooperativeness.



May brings for you balance and renewal. You may feel pulled towards different directions due to the reason that you have taken on too much onto your shoulders than you can handle effectively and efficiently. Due to this it is likely that you may no longer enjoy your work as much as you used to because it seems like an obligation now. Prioritize your responsibilities so that you are able to efficiently fulfill some of them if not all. It’s can also be a possibility that you have had engrossed yourself so much into your work that you have forgotten to take a break or rest and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. It’s time to make a decision to ease out the tension in your life. Perhaps a change of job/responsibilities or environment will help you to improve your circumstances. A cycle may be ending in your life therefore, you must prepare yourself for a new stage of growth and expansion. 

Focus for May needs to be adaptability, delegation and rejuvenation.



May brings for you creativity and productivity.  You need to rid yourself of attitudes, behaviors, persons or situations that you have outgrown to pave the way for a new stage in life. You may feel a strong pull towards nurturing not only yourself but others as well. On the other hand, you may need to consult a professional or a counselor to help you get out of a tough situation. This month may provide you with a chance to take up a new hobby that enables you to realize your full potential. Discover different ways to express your creative instincts in an efficient manner because your hard work will pay off with material success. Socialize and connect with people to get inspiration. Long distance travel may come up which could also be a reason behind separation from a loved one. Marriage, pregnancy or childbirth seems likely. Some sort of an alteration is likely to occur this month and you must let go of a dying circumstance in order to make way for the future.

Focus for May needs to be healing, purging and empowerment. 


May brings for you harmony and apprenticeship. This month you will create deep connections based on shared values, understanding and compassion. These partnerships will show a strong potential to grow and expand into something more meaningful and long term. If you have been involved in a dispute, acknowledge that conflicts will be resolved and you will be able to reach a common ground. Cooperation is very much required from both sides in order to be at the same wavelength. Be deliberate and consider the point of view of others before making a final choice.  It’s advisable to learn about your craft and hon your talents. Be cautious while making any long term investments. Legal matters will proceed in a fair and just manner. Love relationships will prosper and can develop into strong bonds through engagement or marriage. If you have been waiting for a proposal, know that it’s coming your way soon.

Focus for May needs to be self love, dedication and mutual respect. 


May brings for you strength in adversity and motivation. A conflicting situation may come to head which pushes you to view the situation from another perspective. You may feel pressured as you confront this challenging circumstance. During this time you must call upon your inner strength, courage and determination to overcome the odds. You may have to defend your position because others might act resistant to your ideas and thoughts. Don’t give up the struggle and hold firm. If you’re going to withdraw then know that things won’t going to resolve on their own. Rather chances are likely that they create an upheaval. Let go of any social restrictions or false structures that hinder your growth.  The best strategy at this time is to tackle one problem at a time. Reevaluate your opinions and arguments and look for another approach to convince people about your stance. Take time to meditate and contemplate before proceeding.

Focus for May need to be determination, logic and assertive efforts.  


May brings for you mental clarity and willpower. This month you may find yourself on the verge of a new breakthrough or may come across a new way of thinking that allows you to a view matters from a fresh and clearer perspective. You have the discipline and determination to overcome obstacles. Therefore, focus your mind and concentrate your energies towards pursuing a goal. You may take up many responsibilities hence, might struggle to meet your commitments. You could be swamped with work and feel burdened because if it. It may also result in spending less time with your loved ones. Therefore, you must realize that you can’t do everything by yourself. Learn to distribute your work and responsibilities so that you’re able to meet your goals on time and rest as well. Be mindful of the impact your decisions and actions will have on your well being as well as the well being of others. Meditate daily to clear away the mental chatter so that you’re able to make the most of your potential and talents.

Focus for May needs to be rationality, delegation and decisiveness. 


May brings for you transformation and enlightenment. An unexpected event could create stress, chaos and conflict. Old ideas, beliefs and structures may begin to crumble and you may have to deal with this sudden change upfront. It could include selling your home, changing jobs or career, relocation or altering relationships. The point of such change is to help you learn about something significant about yourself and your life so that you can rebuild a stronger foundation. I feel some structures around money and finances need to be released. Avoid passivity at this time because success will come as a result of your assertive efforts. Make sure not to scatter your energy into too many directions. Confront any annoyances in order to get past them otherwise they will continue to haunt you. Be open to receiving help with regards to your business and financial matters. Your travel plans might be delayed or experience some complications. Introspection will enable to uncover resourceful and thoughtful options this month.

Focus for May needs to be liberation, sensibility and sound investments.


May brings for you rebirth and passion. This month you may come across a new sense of direction altogether. An old cycle will come to an end and you may be faced with a crucial decision that holds the chance to alter your life’s course. Improvement in your circumstances is very much needed therefore, act mindfully and thoughtfully while weighing your options and making a choice. Take assertive actions and avoid sitting idle. More so, try not to scatter your energy into too many directions because that will result in uncertainty and unfulfilled tasks. Some of you may experience an identity crisis due to a conflict or dispute. Don’t let anyone or anything to interfere in your plans and to shake your roots or to take your power away from you. You don’t have to blindly believe in everything that the other person is saying rather read between the lines and search for the truth yourself. Also beware of sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.

Focus for May needs to be reevaluation, cleansing and optimism. 


May brings for you enlightenment and change. You may feel hesitant to take risks because working in your comfort zone has been fulfilling for you till date. Playing safe all the time leads to stagnation instead of expansion. You need to let go of a scarcity mindset. Spend wisely but sometimes do pamper yourself and allow yourself to experience the comfort and luxuries of life. You may still linger in a previous loss or disappointment and find it difficult to get past that situation or deeply ingrained beliefs. You can either focus on the glass being half empty or half full. Change brings opportunities with it to improve life. You need to allow the grief work to proceed and revise your emotional priorities. If you are going to cry over the spilt milk than you will surely allow significant opportunities for growth to slip through your hands. Renew your hope in the future and know that the changes in your emotional life can be a source of discomfort but it’s much needed for you to have fresh beginnings. Define your boundaries and take care if your personal needs first and foremost so that you can hold space for other people. You may decide to change your mode of transport and traveling is also in the cards for you this month.

Focus for May needs to be self care, hard work and going with the flow.


May brings for you creativity and emotional maturity. This month embrace you inner child, trust your intuitive instincts and believe that anything is possible. Explore and uncover your hidden talents because your aesthetic sensibility and good ideas can help you grow and progress forward. If you want to expand your knowledge through studying or want to learn about healing arts, you are being given the green light to go ahead. This is a good time to assert yourself as you can achieve your objectives. You must face what you really want or feel. To overcome uncertainty, confront the issues directly because nothing will be resolved on their own.  Have an open and curious mind to discover new aspects no only about yourself but life in general. You will enter a period of new feelings, attitudes and sensitivity. This month you may hear about the birth of a child, engagement, weddings plans, visa acceptance or other happy emotional news. You may renew an emotional tie or start a new one.  You may take a trip to visit your loved ones.

Focus for May needs to be healing, nurturance and healthy boundaries.


May brings for you adaptability and fresh perspective. This month you need to manage your time, money and resources wisely. You may find yourself at crossroads and might unable to see clearly which path to choose. You may feel confused whether to follow your head or your heart. A decision must be made in order to ease out the tension in your life. It’s also likely that you feel overwhelmed by too many factors, thus feel immobile to make any decisions. During such a situation, it’s advisable to take step back and contemplate. Face your emotions instead of suppressing them and think upon your circumstances. Are you trying to please and completely neglecting yourself? Look for ways in which you can you take care and nurture yourself and your bodily needs. If something is affecting your health adversely, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate and release that aspect. Let go of unhealthy attachments and stagnant projects. Prioritize your time efficiently and effectively between your personal and professional commitments.

Focus for May needs to be balance, decisiveness and reflection. 


May brings for you determination and perceptiveness. You may find yourself far more interested in career and ambitions than in emotional matters. You may want to lead from the head and to discern situations without the influence of emotion or sentimentality. It’s time to clear up old misunderstandings and come to terms with an irreversible ending. Stand up for yourself and be clear about your needs, wants and desires. You have learnt to be independent and self sufficient. You have come to realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel and you are on the road to recovery from past hurts and disappointments. Be open to listening to the opinions and thoughts of others however, follow your own path. That doesn’t imply to stop showing compassion to other people but it means that you should set up clear boundaries and do not let anyone to take unnecessary advantage of you anymore. Be blunt and upfront in your views, although some may think that you are rude and self centered but others are going to respect your views for that matter and will come to you for advice in order to gain clarity because of your upfront honest opinions. 

Focus for May needs to be diplomacy, compassion and self reliance.

Wishing you a very happy May!


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