Tarotscopes for March 2019

By March 10, 2019 december 2018

March is the month of family, love and relationships. Personal affairs may require your focus and attention the most, while other aspects may have to take a back seat. You must attend to any domestic and emotional issues that are outstanding for your own growth and development. Show love and compassion towards yourself so that you are able to hold a nurturing space for others.

It’s a good time for socializing or keeping in touch with old acquaintances. Strong emotions and aggression can make partnerships volatile, so be mindful. To know the general energies of this year and how to work with them check the article, 2019 in tarot and numerology.

Before diving into this month’s medicine for each zodiac sign, acknowledge that these are general readings and may not resonate with everyone. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Be sure to check your SUN 🌞, MOON 🌛 and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook.


March brings for you strong emotions and psychic awareness. Things might not entirely be okay in your life at the present moment but it’s completely fine. Everything can’t always be perfect and know that the key to our own perfection lies in accepting our imperfections. You may be faced with fluctuating moods and uncertainty during which you must confront your doubts and fears in order to proceed forward. Your deepest fears or unresolved emotions may surface leaving you shattered and blocked. Ponder upon whether you are making healthy choices for yourself at this time and pay close attention to mental exhaustion. You have to fight through the chaos of your brain chemistry and doubts in order to look for a new and fresh direction.  While it is possible that someone around you is being deceptive and cunning but the cards are advising you to let the truth come out on its own. However, don’t hesitate to fight for your rights and to stand up for yourself. This month you have to stay mindful of how your physical health is being affected by your mental health. You should pay attention to your dreams, intuition and feelings because they will present you with more reliable solutions than your logical analysis. There might be delays in your plans but do not let it make you feel desolated rather take it as an opportunity for upgrading your proposals and ideas. For private sessions, click here.

Focus for March needs to be self reliance, firmness and faith in one’s own abilities.


March brings for you resilience and compassion. You may be on the edge of exhaustion but your persistent and determined nature will take you to the finish line. Now is the time to remain vigilant and stand firm for what you believe in. You have the strength and fortitude to tackle any problem. Fear of not having enough and the need to be slightly dishonest to either achieve or acquire more in life could surface. To overcome that, communicate in your most honest way about your needs and wants so that you are able to acknowledge them yourself as well as let others know where you stand. Try not to give in to your temptations and opt for shortcuts because they may proof helpful now but not for the future. Don’t take any major decisions about your life scenarios. Just gather the fuel right now so that later on you can burn brighter than ever. You may want to take stock of the things that you do have in your life rather than what you do not have. Be sure to put out the energies that are going to be ones that bring back rewards that matter to you. Someone with motherly instincts can assist and nurture you while you are sorting out things in your life. If your health had been under par, you will be able to recover and ward off any infections. For private sessions, click here.

Focus for March needs to be honesty, self respect and creating personal boundaries.


March brings for you honest communication and a fresh direction. You have to leave an unsatisfactory and unhealthy situation behind and proceed towards something new. You may suddenly experience a change of heart and would want to break loose and try something different. Readiness to expand your horizons and to start again will bring growth on every level. One way or the other, this month in some aspect of your life you are going to direct your energies to a new direction. It’s time to finally turn your back on a difficult situation. Unwillingness to leave the old behind while moving forward could create hindrance on your path. It may not be an easy choice but know that it is in your best interests. There are great opportunities awaiting you, you just have to take a step forward instead of holding back. There is a definite possibility for expansion and all you have to do is shift your perspective and articulate your desires. You need to trust your own insights and when conveying information or ideas to others and try not to come off in a way which will turn them off. Whatever decision you need to make, quick and precise method must be adopted. Travel and change of residence are possible. For private sessions, click here.

Focus for March needs to be liberation, harmony and rationality.


March brings for you wisdom and balance. You will need to take step back emotionally and take a look at your situation as it currently is instead of what your mind is projecting it to be. You might be dealing with a problematic situation but your worst fear is unlikely to materialize. Your motto for month should be to focus on your priorities and keep moving. Once you are going to prioritize, then you are giving your fears, guilt or pain something positive to transform into. And often times pain and suffering provide us with the much needed motivation in our lives. Take out time and consider how you are putting yourself down and are being counterproductive. Ask yourself about the root cause behind the stress residing in your life presently and come with actionable solutions to overcome it. Regardless of the mental anguish, put your focus towards achieving your goals. The reason to feel proud of your efforts is coming your way soon. Remember that you are the master of your destiny and your actions alone can set you on the right path. Steer clear of people that would potentially and secretly pray for your failure. For private sessions, click here.

Focus for March needs to be self love, contemplation and self confidence. 


March brings for you romance and creativity. This month you will be blessed with the ability to dream as well as bring it into momentum. An opportunity could come your way that could be hard to resist. You may meet someone who can introduce you to new emotional experiences. Flow in the direction that resonates with your inner understanding and inner truth. Passiveness is something to be aware of. However, this can be a way for you to deny the temptations that are disturbing your inner peace. Be sure of how you feel about the issue at hand in order to avoid being led by others. Your intuition is your reliable guide. Also pay attention to your dreams and psychic impressions. You fears and doubts may make you feel as if you are bound by circumstances and there’s no way out. It’s because you’re trying to battle more than one issue at a time and that is the main reason that’s causing you indecisiveness and confusion. Hence, focus on the goals that truly bring happiness in your life. Either you may have an opportunity to travel or a friend/family may come to visit you. For private sessions, click here.

Focus for March needs to be open mindedness, dedication and following your dream.  


March brings for you spiritual growth and clear vision. This month connect with likeminded individuals and explore a way of thinking that prompts further learning. You may find yourself feeling reluctant to try out new ideas or innovate something because of the urge to remain glued to the old methods as well as stay connected to your comfort zone. Reflect upon new interests and choices as they will provide you with a platform for personal development. Either you or your partner may want to make things official and announce your relationship to the world. However this may not sit well with the either one of you and continue to feel hesitant towards this idea. Confront your demons and your fear of commitment otherwise things might become stagnant in your relationship. If you’re going to act unjustly then you will have to face the consequences later. Ask for assistance if a need arises and be open to helping others with your knowledge. However, do remember that all the wisdom you seek comes from within and not from an external source. Your wish will come true provided that you take decisions with integrity. For private sessions, click here.

Focus for March needs to be learning, fairness and clear cut perspective. 


March brings for you willpower and progress. Now is not the time to be passive in the hope that things will turn out in your favour on their own. A painful memory may cause emotional distress and rather than dealing with those emotions it’s likely you may repress them which would lead to further distress. You have done the same in the past and you may feel inclined towards doing the it again instead of dealing with illusions that have surfaced. You are being asked to release any fears or anxieties holding you back and hindering your growth. Be careful of making any haste and impromptu decisions because it’s likely that later on you realize that you were only exposed to half of the information. Let go of the negative self talk and allow your intuition to guide you. Set your objectives and channel your inner power with a fierce dedication to bring your dreams and goals into reality. You will receive recognition for your work and efforts which is going to boost your confidence and give you the courage to continue your endeavours. Just be mindful that you don’t allow your fears to get the best of you. This month you may take a road trip or make travel plans for the future. For private sessions, click here.

Focus for March needs to be intuition, determination and self discipline.


March brings for you intellect and fresh ideas. This month you will move away from feeling stuck in a rut and confused to a place of enlightenment and clarity. You must embrace the inner strength residing within you and cut through any excess baggage that is weighing you down. There’s going to be a certain level of enhancement of your intellectual capacity along with an added mental clarity. Stop worrying about what might be rather focus on what is and exercise your intellectual power to think through things. Financial and business concerns will require you to have an open mind as well as be direct in your communication. Work involving the government/public sector or large organizations is possible. You may feel concerned about the health or well being of a parent or older family member. You may feel pressured or burdened by responsibilities and commitments to those who are close to you. The advice for you is to observe a balanced give and take of your time, energy and resources.  It’s also likely that your work commitments are swaying you away from swooning time with your loved ones. For private sessions, click here.

Focus for March needs to be rationality, sharing and strength in adversity.


March brings for you healing and cooperation. A sensible intermingling of diverse components will bring forth a new creation. There is going to be an end to some aspect in your life and new beginning is coming soon. This month you need to slow down, reevaluate and remain open to compromise. Doing so will be in your own best interests. Ask yourself in what ways are you overextending yourself or being too rigid as well as the underlying reason behind this behaviour. Try to look at things from a higher perspective to draw discrete conclusions and allow things to reach a natural conclusion. Be sure you ain’t blocking your own success by stretching yourself too thin or unwilling to compromise or negotiate. You may establish a friendship with someone different than your usual type. Healing from a relationship, oppressive attitude, person or circumstances is likely to take place. Whatever significant situation is troubling you, try to handle it with logic and practicality. Travel over long distance is a possibility this month. For private sessions, click here.

Focus for March needs to be moderation, forgiveness and patience.


March brings for you transformation and a new perspective.  This month you need to reevaluate your attitudes, objectives and priorities while remaining true to your values. You may find yourself going through a transition and feeling caught between the old and the new. Perhaps you have to let go or voluntarily have to sacrifice something for your own betterment. Some significant life events could take place this month. You may decide to step out of a relationship or a business contract because you have realized that it’s detrimental for your growth. It could also relate to a change of career or relocation. Listen to your desire to break the mold and free yourself from the restrictions of conventionality. All in all, an opportunity for growth will cross paths with you. However, it would totally depend upon you whether you grab it or allow it to slip through your hands. It’s time to put your ideas and plans into reality, the ones that are floating in your mind together with those you have jotted down in a journal. Someone around you can provide you with sound and meaningful advice. For private sessions, click here.

Focus for March needs to be commitment, optimism and reflection. 



March brings for you a change and growth. You are entering a new cycle involving a fortunate set of circumstances that promise improvements and continuing progress in your life. A ray of sunshine will enter your life. You may have to make an important decision that will influence the unfolding of events in your life. Your wishes will come true provided you are clear on exactly what it is that you want. Once you are going to put out clear intentions, the Universe will conspire to help you manifest your goals. Practicality and hard work will be required of you in order to set things in motion. You may have to wipe out something old and outdated from your life and be willing to learn new methodology. Education can benefit you at this point in time. Pay close attention to all the clauses of a contract before signing and agreeing upon it. Make sure to take care of your physical and material needs. Celebrate your success and victory with your close ones and disregard people who are jealous of your achievement. Travel may come up or perhaps you will decide to purchase or upgrade your vehicle. For private sessions, click here.

Focus for March needs to be advancement, open mindedness and hope. 


March brings for you personal power and rebirth. The time is right to initiate projects because you are moving in the right direction and are the master of your destiny. Don’t waste your time in considering your possibilities rather take action in order to create the reality you desire. You need to master new situation, take positive action and focus your attention towards realizing your true potential. It’s advisable to promote and market yourself to those who are interested in making use of your special skills and knowledge. Your actions may be judged but don’t let this deter your spirits as well as don’t judge your own self. Nurture yourself, your passions, your hobbies anything that brings joy into your life. On the other hand, don’t place your own opinions too harshly upon others. Find a balance between your family and career interests in order to avoid unnecessary tension. For private sessions, click here.

Focus for March needs to be creative visualization, confidence and assertive action.

I have used tarot cards as a tool for the above predictions. 

Wishing you a very happy March!


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