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Be sure to check your SUN 🌞, MOON 🌛 and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook.

♈ ARIES  ♈

The month of March brings acceleration in your matters. There will be a fresh sense of direction you would need to proceed with. If you have been wanting to launch a new initiative, this is month to make it happen. This will bring excitement and spark in your life. Whatever delays that might have been showing up will come to an end. New friends or love could enter your life that will take you to a new emotional experience. News about a job offer will come your way, if that’s something you have been waiting for. Your opponents could create stress for you but know that you will come out at the top. However, an agreement or settlement will have to be reached. Travel by air is possible. A proposal (both love and work wise) will be offered to you that could be hard for you to resist. Indecisiveness will make you immobile so make sure to confront the issues in order to overcome stagnation as soon as possible. The focus for you in March is to be observant, determined and stick to your guns.


This month calls for you to take a stand and hold on firmly against opposition. A conflicting and challenging situation might come your way which can lead you to defend your position. You will have to face the adversary with strength and determination as it will help you to reach success. Don’t give up the struggles and tackle one issue at a time. Presenting your argument with courage along with the willingness to negotiate and understand the other person’s viewpoint will give you an upper hand. But make sure that you adopt a moderate, fair and balanced approach otherwise things could possibly go towards an undesirable path. In your work life, someone might present you with a tempting offer. You could plan a career move, learn something new or decide to start journalling/writing this month. A temporary separation is possible in your personal life or business ventures but things will heal and get better with the passage of time. Legal issues could come up. Good judgement and wise management will be key to success. An opportunity for a new relationship is possible in the near future. A delay is possible in your travel plans. In March your focus should be gentleness, assertive efforts, being open to compromise and going slowly.


This month brings for you inspiration and fresh ideas. There could be start of a business or a creative project. Your existing ideas or plans also need to be modified. The point of all this change will be to help you learn and see clearly the truth so that you can get rid of the false structures. Family quarrels, trouble with property matters and altering important relationship are possible. You will remain stuck and immobile, if you won’t accept the necessary changes. Inflexibility, obstinacy and lack of initiative will only lead to hopelessness. Someone might try to back stab you, so beware. Love or work relationships not going well will come to an end sadly. Don’t act weak or refuse to stand up for yourself. Don’t prolong the sorrow rather deal with it and start fresh. Surround yourself with positivity and be open to express your creativity and affection. No matter the hardships coming in your life, know that you will make peace with everything. Your efforts will pay off and bring abundance. You must let go of dying circumstance to make way for the future. A trip to abroad could come up. Focus for you in March is to change your attitude, clean the mess and go with the flow.


This month asks you to rest, relax and be happy. It’s time for you to mend your ties and make truce. You will have to gather your energies and rejuvenate your body. You need to take a break from whatever conflict you have been facing lately. This will help bring clarity to a situation. It’s possible that you’re left alone in a situation and the only way forward is to retreat. This is going to bring emotional maturity. If you are going to refuse to let go of the unsatisfactory situation and start fresh or differently, otherwise this will be an obstacle for your growth. The project you have been working on will show slow and steady growth only if you are willing to reevaluate, introduce some new changes/alterations and continue putting in persistent efforts. Some patience will also be required for the results to appear. Remember not to take on too much load on yourself than you can handle. Otherwise you won’t be able to meet your commitments. So, do set your limits. Health wise, there can be hormonal imbalance or an infection. If you have been ill, this the time for convalescence. Focus for you in March is to make amends, rejuvenate and be optimistic.

♌ LEO  ♌

This month brings for you a time of emotional rebirth. There can be financial gains if you will tap into your potential. Avoid being negative and fearful about a situation. This will restrict you, your freedom of thought and communication. It’s very much possible that the situation isn’t that bleak or worse in reality than what you’re imagining. You must face your fears with courage so that you’re able to charge ahead. Don’t go for the easy way out as it may lead to dishonesty and dissatisfaction. Problems regarding your work or lack of it could preoccupy your mind and affect your behavior. Love wise, you may renew an emotional bond or start a new relationship. A young person may surprise you with good news. News about marriage, pregnancy or birth could come your way or you can plan to start your own family. Successful sale, transfer or purchase of property is possible. A parental figure or a family member could assist you in difficult times. You may experience some issues with your computer/technology. You will manifest what you are going to visualize so stay optimistic and honest. Focus for you in March is to be open to receiving help from others and delegating authorities.

♍ VIRGO  ♍

This month brings for you transformation and maturity. An exciting offer/invitation could come your way. It’s possible that you either decline such an offer or don’t notice it because of feeling bored and discontent with some aspect in your life. Perhaps you’re overburdened by some other commitment. You could start a new job, project or a new friendship. For some of you a job or relationship could come to an end. Staying chained to negativity will only hinder your growth. I feel this month you should spend some alone time with yourself and examine your feelings about a conflicting situation. You will come to realize self imposed limitations and that most of what is stopping you, is of your own making and it’s far from reality. The advice for you is not to rush but rather take your time to contemplate before proceeding. You need to claim your power and get rid of the attitudes/behavior that no longer serve you well. Think long term and don’t get discouraged by the fluctuations happening in your present. Focus for you in March is to re-evaluate, confront your fears and accept the change.

♎ LIBRA  ♎

This month brings for you discretion, quick analysis and impatience. You might come across a news that’s unexpected and upsetting. This could lead to you referring a professional for assistance. I feel a crucial choice has to be made this month. Before entering into an agreement, do your research and try to fully understand the terms just so you know what you’re committing to. There will be some hidden issues and influences so beware of those. Trust your own feelings and instincts. Avoid having too many irons in the fire as it can result in you ignoring or unable to complete important initiatives. Don’t give up too soon due to anxiety and hopelessness. Finances could be an issue this month. Your health may be substandard due to an imbalance or infection. Dental treatment or minor surgery could come up. You could be planning to buy new clothes and improve your personal appearance. New partnerships (both work and love), communication and short trips are likely. Whatever pain/separation occurred, know that recovery and healing are on the way. Focus for you this month is open mindedness and being adaptable without comprising what’s important.


This month brings for you a change, devotion and happy union. If you have been involved in a dispute, know that you will be able to find a common ground and will reach a compromise that will benefit the parties involved. Reconciliation is likely, if there has been a separation between you and your partner. You can receive news about friendship, relationship or marriage proposals. Those already in a relationship could decide to take their relationship to another level. However, one partner may not yet be ready for commitment. So the advice is to approach the other person with understanding, care and not with force. You can also plan for a holiday with friends or decide to meet an old friend. You may plan to change career, enter into new markets or embark on a new job. Someone might help you with new business ideas. All in all this month romance will be blooming for you scorpios. Change in the wind is surely there for you. Focus for you in the month of March is cooperation, understanding and mutual give and take.


This month brings for you thoughtfulness and tranquility after a period of stress. Someone could try to deceive you through their ruthless action and schemes. Communicate with caution and care because your sarcastic comments could hurt the other person and makes matters worse. While dealing with others be honest, sincere and avoid manipulation but on the other hand don’t let anyone to exploit or hurt you. If your gut instinct alerts you about anything or anyone, definitely pay attention to it. You will gain information about an issue that will help you to move forward while leaving the troubles behind. An event will relieve you or someone close to you, of suffering. You could decide to start or renew a project. If you have been waiting to hear from a friend or a business partner, know that a message will arrive soon. There is a possibility of travel or relocation for you. It’s time for you to take charge of your life, make plans and move ahead. Focus for you in the month of March is to analyze, strategize and be reasonable.


This month brings for you rationality, fulfillment and balanced action. This month you could receive good news about finances and money. Education can benefit you at this time so plan to take up a course or commit to some new learning. A small financial gain could come your way. You may soon be presented with an opportunity to make money or engage in a new business venture. Your practical approach and hard work will pay off. Progress will be slow but steady. So remain optimistic, logical and show strength in adverse situations. If you decide to sign a contract, make sure to read it thoroughly. Be diligent with any written communications. You might receive a news about children, could be birth or pregnancy. Self control and self sufficiency should be the key for you Capricorn. Property and real estate matters should go well. Though you will be materially secure, there can be sense of incompleteness like you lacking inner satisfaction. In such a situation, take out sometime for yourself, mediate and connect with your inner and higher self. This shall eliminate your feeling of dissatisfaction. In March you should focus on being persistent, patient, fair and hopeful.


This month brings for you growth and prosperity in all things. Express your creative instincts in a productive manner. Any artistic endeavors undertaken by you at this time will start to show progress. This is the month for you to reap the benefits of your hard work. Recognition and reward will come your way. You could come across a conflicting situation where being confident and observant will help you succeed. Some people might not understand your unique perspective. Don’t give up to the struggle rather fight for your cause, hold firmly and defend yourself to be victorious. Though you might have to make a sacrifice but once you look at things from another perspective, you will understand that it was much needed. A business partnership is likely. If you are starting a new job, you will settle in easily and get immersed in your work. Be careful with investing money. Though you may not receive much financial results now but foundations you’re going to lay will bring fruitful results later on. Harmony could be reached in your love life if you’re willing to compromise. If a relationship isn’t working out it’s better to take a break to think through things. Focus for you in March is loyalty, dedication and manifesting thoughts into reality.


This month brings for you enjoyment, contentment and gratification. You could get what you wish for, so ask and it shall be given to you. You may plan to take a break/holiday once you are able to finish a project. Physical pleasures and financial well being will be there. You will get into relationship with the person you desire. Marriage, engagement or anniversaries are likely this month. Reconciliation is also possible. Work wise, it’s time to cooperate and reason with others. Someone could provide you with a helping hand for a venture/opportunity. A compromise will be reached between opposing viewpoints. If you are going to refuse to see what is the other person’s point of view is, then things could lead to conflict and strife. Don’t scatter your energy into many directions rather set your priorities and avoid unnecessary stress. Some legal problems could come up. Any financial investment made at this time will lead to prosperity and material security. Some sort of celebration is on it’s way for you. Avoid smugness and overindulgence. Release excess energy through exercise, going to a gym or walk etc. Focus for you this month is to trust, go slowly and fresh/new beginnings.

I have used tarot and oracle cards as a tool for the above predictions.

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