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June brings for you resurrection and readjustments. You might feel overburdened and restricted due to an oppressive situation that may be of your own making as well as your fears. It’s time to face any passions, addictions and behavior patterns that only contribute towards negativity in your life. Face your personal demons rather than ignoring them.

Be sure to check your SUN🌞, MOON🌛and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook.

These readings are general and won’t resonate with everyone.




This month brings for you rebirth and fresh starts. It’s time for some reflection, evaluation and making necessary changes in your life. You’re being called to take action in order to achieve your goals, deal with the problem at head and move ahead. Stay centered and go with the flow of the energies you have or plan to set in motion. Be careful to take into consideration the consequences before taking a final decision. You may struggle to assert yourself due conflicting emotions and interests. You can overcome this state of uncertainty through determination, forward movement and clear mindset. If you’re contemplating a career change then I would suggest you to go ahead as prospects look bright. Your love life seems to be the highlight of this month. Some of you may reconcile with your partners on the promise of starting with a clean state. Whereas for some of you things could lead to another extreme which is the end of a relationship and divorce. Stand up for yourself if the need arises. Too much stress could leave adverse affects on your health so beware. Seeking solace through prayer, meditation, journaling, strolling etc will assist with mental clarity and positive attitude. Focus for June should be self discipline, optimism and recovery (physical or spiritual).




This month brings for you emotional maturity. Its time to deal with the root cause of hopelessness and lack of confidence. It could be an aftermath of past difficulties or an overwhelming present situation. Someone’s malicious behavior could be the reason of your stress or perhaps you might be overly sensitive to the criticism of others. Refusing to confront the circumstances will pose a threat to your sanity. Fear, guilt or doubts that you may come across will lessen once you decide to face the matters at hand. It’s then you’re going to realize that most of your fears were in your head and hasn’t yet materialized. It’s time to let go of a person/relationship that has run its course or a project/work that no longer seems viable. You need to show strength and have faith in yourself. You have to overcome your fears, accept the risk and proceed slowly. Patience in all things is called for now. Health wise, a surgery could come up. You need to take care of yourself and keep a check on your health especially females who may experience some menstruation related issues. Focus for June should be patience, willpower and diplomacy.



This month brings for you ambition, fulfillment and illumination. I see you spending quality time with your family, friends, children basically your loved ones. Take charge of your life and turn it to whichever direction you want to take. Reassess your progress and check what more needs to accomplished until you successfully reach your goals. Some of you might be hesitant to forge ahead because you fear the likelihood of failure and this is something you need to overcome this month. Deal with trivial issues otherwise they may turn into big nuisances. You may have to make some compromise along your path. You need to ask yourself the reason behind your lack of enthusiasm and hesitation to celebrate your success/joy. Be open to ask for assistance and working with others harmoniously. Grab the business opportunity that comes your way. Help people around you and let others return the favor. You might decide to teach or mentor others. Exercise moderation and be wise while making financial investments. You could plan to travel and enjoy the sunny season. Your health could be under par due malfunction or hormonal issues. Focus in June should be self control, rationality and consistency.




June month brings for you passion, warmth and foresight. Business minded individual will flourish in their endeavors this month. With the elements such as kindness, competency and commitment you can be successful in any venture that you initiate. You are about to embark on a new phase in life. Due to a major change, there might be a lack of clarity and nervous energy. It’s a possibility that you manipulate your own self and your emotions just to avoid facing a difficult decision. Don’t hesitate or allow anything to stop you from realizing your potential. Be observant of your surroundings and take decisions accordingly. A man of influence could help you bring order and structure into your life. It’s time to act responsibly while remaining true to your yourself. In your love life, you may start a new relationship and that too with someone who seems out of your league. One of the partner may come off as being very dominating in your love life. Pregnancy and motherhood could be in the offing. You may decide to withdraw from the hassles of your daily life in order to regroup your energy levels and think upon a situation with a clear mind. If you have been feeling low, it could be due an illness as well, know that you will recover. Focus for June should be originality, contemplation and emotional as well as spiritual nourishment.



This month brings for you inner wisdom, hope and inspiration. It’s time to push yourself because you can achieve your goals and your wishes will be fulfilled. You will get what you want but not how you might expect. You could decide to make use of your special talents or abilities and expand your knowledge. Not willing to cooperate and negotiating with others will create difficulties in your path. If you want to enter a new phase of growth in your professional life, know that asking for assistance and working with others could benefit you immensely. However, don’t follow the advice of others blindly but try to be flexible. You should avoid long distance trade this month. Property and real estate matters will show improvements. Spend money wisely this month. You could find it difficult to balance your work and home life because of multiple obligations. You may be engulfed with feeling of incompleteness which you can overcome through mingling with your dear ones. A family occasion might come up in June. Anyway, change of environment or scenery will improve your situation. Focus for June should be selflessness, self reliance, harmony and teamwork.



This month brings for you determination and courage. There is a need for you to stand up for yourself and fight for your rights. Stand firm for what you believe in as well as be watchful of your surroundings. Know that success is awaiting you, once you’re able to overcome this final challenge. Basically you need to show strength in adverse circumstances. A relationship/situation might come to an irrevocable end. There might a separation or end of a legal contract resulting in forced change and hopelessness. In order to overcome this loss and distress you should look for professional assistance. You must let go of a dying situation or false beliefs in order to make room for new experiences. Avoid smugness, overindulgence and over confidence as it may result in further worsening the circumstances. It will be for your benefit to move forward independently. Explore the path of self employment or a new field of work but be cautious before investing your time and money. An opportunity for teaching or learning from others seems likely. Spend some alone time and reflect upon your circumstances to gain clarity and peace of mind. Be patient as you strive to make a prudent decision. Focus for June should be self improvement, diligence and becoming centered.




June brings for you many changes and exciting new challenges. I see strong family ties and your family supporting you in every aspect of your life. An occasion to celebrate with friends and family will be headed your way. Some of you may decide to lay foundations for a family life. Your family may also assist you with finances or perhaps give you monetary gifts. Any investments made during this month could be profitable. Work life could go well and there are chances of pay raise or a new job offer. I see harmony in personal relationships. Matrimony, engagement or birth seems likely. You may realize your hopes and take charge to carve a path in order to fulfill them. A pleasant opportunity to travel might come up. However if you are going to refuse to consider the facts, look at things from a higher perspective or resist the change then all good things that this month has in store for you will go down the drain. Though the future may look uncertain and some waiting period might be required, but know that your wishes will be fulfilled however in different manner than expected. Some sort of a sacrifice might be needed for the greater good. Prioritize your goals and dreams while remaining true to your beliefs. Follow your intuition at all times. A period of stagnation will be coming to an end. Focus for June should be contentment, swift action, hope and reevaluation.



June brings for you luck and a change for the better. You may feel pulled into many directions due to which you might struggle to keep a balance between your professional and personal life. Your finances may fluctuate, thus you may have to work hard to make ends meet. You could be juggling many tasks simultaneously which may result in boredom and frustration. It’s advisable to delegate your responsibilities so that your able to lessen your load and give attention to detail in your work. This will also enable you to give time to yourself as well as your family. Try to adapt and go with the flow. However if the situation looks demanding try to stand firm. Be observant of your surroundings and tackle the issue at hand accordingly. With courage and determination you will be able to improve your situation. An invitation to attend a family gathering could come your way. A trip seems to be in the offing. This month you could begin a new chapter and put an end to an old one. You may also decide to purchase a new vehicle. Focus for June should be fortification, inner strength and growth.



This month brings for you sudden changes, mental stimulation and swift action. This is the month where you need to be active and on the go. A conflicting and turbulent situation could come up but it will fizzle out quickly. Be careful with your words and don’t come off as being judgmental otherwise things would turn sour and there will be no way out. Follow your head rather than your heart, however try to avoid impulsive and rash behavior. To avoid pain and suffering, deal with your past, listen to what you’re being called to do and start with a clean slate. You might have to let go of a relationship or circumstances that only brought you anguish. You may feel caged and restless due to the lack of movement, so in order to avoid that, deal with your problems energetically and assertively. Negotiation in a business proposal should go well. A professional can help you see what you might be missing or ignoring. Dental surgery or a dentist’s appointment might come up. All in all, false life structures may fall apart and stale relationships might be terminated. Focus for June should be fearlessness, decisiveness and purging.




This month brings for you modification and major transformation. You may come across dramatic changes or collapse of plans which could cause upheaval in your life. The point of this transformation is to question the structures imprisoning you and hindering your growth. An unexpected opportunity may appear out of the blue which might ask you to take a major decision. Lack of clarity and uncertain conditions tend to block your path. It’s time to bring matters to light in order to release the old and embrace the new methods, ideas and experiences. Don’t hesitate to express yourself creatively as it will enable personal growth. It’s time take charge and think thoughtful solutions to your problem. Things will start to improve in your life. You may decide to change your residence or purchase a new house. You may lay foundation for a new relationship. You could also decide to take a trip or vacation to rest, relax and celebrate good things in your life. Focus for June should be hope, optimism and self empowerment.



June brings for you enlightenment and adaptability. You need to pause, contemplate and try to look at things from a higher perspective. You might be faced with a lot of options that could lead to confusion and uncertainty. I feel your imagination could be working overtime and that’s the key reason behind you feeling worried and overwhelmed. So try to avoid wishful thinking as well as day dreaming because it will further lead to stress and lack of focus. June is the month where time spent in reflection, rest and rejuvenation will bring forward results for your higher good. By being calm and willing to sacrifice, you will not only gain a new perspective about your situation but it will also help you break through the clutter of hopelessness and confusion. Reevaluating your goals and prioritizing will assist you to put an end to the stagnant period. There can be unexpected domestic and career changes. Your determination and courage is going to help you to overcome obstacles. Weigh matters carefully before reaching a thoughtful decision. Focus for June should be flexibility, logic and strength in adversity.



June brings for you resurrection and readjustments. You might feel overburdened and restricted due to an oppressive situation that may be of your own making as well as your fears. It’s time to face any passions, addictions and behavior patterns that only contribute towards negativity in your life. Face your personal demons rather than ignoring them. Look within as well as around you and take notice of what is enslaving you. Hopelessness and believing that you won’t be able to change, will be crippling your growth. You have the power to control and bring stability in you life. Act responsibly and don’t hesitate to confront the rules of the society. Domination and possessiveness in your relationships is something you need to ponder upon. Evaluate your personal and professional relationships and be open to new and fresh starts. Make amends and improvements wherever needed and stay hopeful. Counseling could help you in your search for self love and self understanding. One thing I must assure you is that things won’t remain gloomy forever. Once you are going to take charge, you will see a ray hope and light coming into your life. Focus for June should be renewal, healing and self empowerment.


This time I have only used tarot for the above predictions.


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