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Be sure to check your SUN🌞, MOON🌛and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook. These readings are general and may not resonate with everyone.


July brings for you an exciting challenge and assertiveness. This challenge could be in the form of an external conflict or rivalry. It’s possible that you ignore and refuse to see other people’s point of view which may result in strife or conflict of interests. However, you would have to deal with these petty annoyances in order to get past them. It’s also possible that you’re trying to multi task all at once and are thus faced with scattered energy and lack of focus. You need to set priorities in order to avoid stress and contention. This month you could come across an opportunity to prove yourself and your talents. Some legal affairs might come up, so handle them wisely and carefully. You might be preparing to enter or end contract/commitments in your personal or professional life. Whatever it is just make sure to be fair and weigh all of the factors to take a reasonable decision. If someone has wronged you, you may receive an apology and vice versa. However, if you’re unwilling to accept your mistakes then things could turn sour and you may have to experience difficulties. A professional could help you with sound business advice. In your personal life, do take into consideration your partner’s viewpoint before taking any step forward. Exercise, jogging etc is something you can look into in order to burn extra energy. Your travel plans might be delayed or you may experience some complications. Focus for the month of July should be letting go, fairness and negotiation.



July brings for you rebirth, rationality and renewal. You may find yourself at crossroads and thus have to take a crucial and important decision. The key is to carefully consider the consequences before reaching a final decision. Be objective and mindful of your choice/decision. Apart from this there also seems to be a need for healing on both spiritual and physical levels. If you’re contemplating a career change or starting a new project, know that you could achieve success. Don’t be afraid of putting your dreams into reality. This month is a good time to talk wholeheartedly with an advisor or counsellor about your issues. Also if you’re having any difficulties in your relationships, don’t hesitate to talk to your partner and convey your feelings. This could result in a fresh start as well as ignite the passion that might be missing currently. Break free of conventionality, be it your personal or professional life. Short trips are possible. A family gathering seems in the offing. This could be related to some sort of a celebration perhaps pregnancy, engagement, wedding, family reunion etc. Your month will end on a satisfied and happy note. Focus for July should be contemplation, transformation and honesty.


July brings for you cooperation, self assertion and control. This is the month where you need to be objective while making any business, personal or legal decisions. Don’t give a heed to what others have to say but do think about long term gains while deciding to either follow traditional or non traditional means. You would want others to show the same levels of dedication and efforts like yourself. But not everyone can match your requirements so give them time for it. Be diplomatic in your approach while being mindful not to manipulate others for your own gains. In your love life, I see platonic relationships because you might be looking at things from a rational perspective rather than an emotional one. It’s possible that in July you may suppress your emotions while pay more attention to your intellectual mind. You could decide to take up some new learning for self improvement. A sensible and practical approach is going to bring steady progress in your endeavors. You may decide to seek help of an expert/counselor to assist with your situation. This person may help you lay solid foundation for your home or work/financial life. If you have an innovative or new idea that you have been wanting to put into action, I would suggest you to start working on it. Chances are that will receive success and recognition for your work. Focus for July should be integrity, practicality and open mindedness.


July brings for you discretion and resoluteness. Some important developments could occur this month. You might find yourself in a situation where direct and quick decision have to taken. You may come across an unexpected news which could be a bit upsetting. However the information/issue that may surface will open you up for change that is going to be beneficial for your growth. Embrace the change and be willing to take a new direction. Unwillingness to do so will only create tensions in your life on an emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Be wary of people around you as someone may hold ill intentions towards you. It’s also possible that you are deceiving your own self by intentionally ignoring the facts or matters at hand. Carry out a thorough research before signing any contract. You may not be fully aware of all the clauses, so looking deep will be helpful. You could decide to sell or purchase a new vehicle. A relationship that has run its course could come to an end. Follow your intuition and inner guidance. No matter the present situation, know that in the end everything will workout in your favor. Those wanting to progress further in their spiritual journey should look into starting mediumship work. Focus for July should be adaptability, renewal and reflection.

♌ LEO ♌

July brings for you determination, wisdoms and courage. It’s time to maintain a balance between opposing forces in order to proceed ahead. You need to stay centered while going with the flow. Through persistent efforts and self discipline you will be able to get past the struggles and achieve success. Your willingness to work hard will bring in financial gains. Avoid being overcautious and hence delegate your responsibilities rather than doing everything yourself. However, you might be too invested in the material gains which could lead to you blocking your own emotional growth. Seems like you may be holding onto a relationship that has become stagnant and has run its course. You could also purposely deny the truth as you may not want to lose the security or some factor which that relationship brings into your life. On the other hand, it may be possible that you’re holding onto your emotions rather than expressing them and thus creating hurdles in your own happiness. Looks like you do have the resources and strength to overcome your obstacles but somehow you are unable to take a stand or make a move. The advice is to take some time out for yourself and ponder upon your circumstances. This way you will gain clarity and enlightenment. Some counseling could be of vital assistance. You may make plans this month for traveling. Change of job or residence seems likely. This is a good month to take up the study of a subject that interest you. Focus for July should be self examination, focused energy and serendipity.


July brings asks you to be sensible and leave self centered attitude behind. This month could be a bit slow and it may become slower if you’re not going to step outside of your head. You may feel discontent or dissatisfied with some aspect of your life. Due to which even the good and bright things in your life may feel stale and boring. Make sure not to cut yourself off from people unnecessarily. Don’t rush towards the next step rather take time to contemplate on your choices. Don’t allow unnecessary thoughts or emotional gunk to clog your mind otherwise you may lose out on opportunities to fulfil your dreams. Small arguments and conflicts are part of life so tackle such situations with an open mind and get over them. Sadly but a relationship may come to an end. Partners not willing to communicate and being stubborn could completely shut the doors off for the future. Perhaps due to a past deceit you may overlook things however, it’s time to get over it and look at the new experiences life has to offer. Counselling could help with clarity in your affairs. Your interests in the occult science might heighten. Focus for July should be cooperation, kindness and rational understanding.


July brings for you fortification and resilience. This is the month where you need to stand up for yourself and defend your beliefs and ideas. Stand strong and firm for what you believe in. You do have the courage and strength to deal with the problems at hand and achieve your goals. Even if no one is tagging along with you on your path, don’t hesitate to walk the path alone. Sometimes life gets hard and barely do we get what we want without a fight. So continue pushing hard and keep reminding yourself that you can do it. Success in business and financial matters may take sometime to show up but keep on doing your best. It’s wise to get rid of unnecessary expenditures and manage your finances well. If possible avoid taking risks this month. Don’t be your worst enemy and feel disappointed or depressed about your circumstances. Rather consistently work towards planning and taking actionable steps to achieve your targets. Be mindful of the words that come out of your mouth while communicating with others. It’s possible that you experience delay in your plans. You may think about moving/travelling. However, there could be cancellation of a trip or delayed flights. Have faith in the Universe and be conscious of your connection with Spirit through prayer or meditation. Focus for July should be practicality, diplomacy and rejuvenation.


July brings for you contentment and family support. It’s time to go with flow while keeping in mind long term gains. You may have to reevaluate your goals and attitude to overcome the period of stagnation.Your finances and investments could show progress only if you’re going to put things into action. The security or stability that you are going to experience may come at the cost of some sacrifices along your path. You could be multitasking, so to get things done you need to manage your time wisely. Try to keep a balance between your home and work life. If there’s something that didn’t go according to your plans or if there’s something lacking in your life, know that you have the power to create your own destiny. You have the tools to build the momentum as well as make the changes that you desire in your life. You may feel sad with regards to a loved one. But understand that severance was necessary to move forward in life. There can be a promotion or increase in your salary. Sale or purchase of property seems likely. You may receive assistance from your family. You could be in the process of getting married or starting a family. A doctor’s visit or perhaps an appointment with the dentist could come up. This is the month where you need to go by the rules rather than being a rebel. Focus for July should be adaptability, dedication and initiation.


July brings for you personal power and momentum. It’s time to realize your potential and focus your energy towards it and release any attachment. It’s the right time to initiate the projects you have been planning about for quite sometime. Observe, experiment, refine your skills and plan regularly. Make use of modern technology and social media. Market yourself, your work and your talents to those who are interested in your services. The progress will be slow initially but through consistent efforts you will be able to gain steady growth. Your hard work will be rewarded. You will feel blessed in ways that you may find difficult to express. Your loved ones may provide you with the help you may require. Some information could come out in the open that further brings clarity to your situation. At the present moment you need to follow your intuition and inner wisdom. You could plan to work for government or large corporations. Any investments you’re going to make at this time will bear fruits in future. Messages about a happy emotional event could come your way. Birth or pregnancy news seems likely. Creative visualization along with advance training would be of benefit to you. Follow your instincts and and remember you’re the master of your destiny. Your health may be under par due a metabolic imbalance, so take care. Travel over water is possible. Focus for July should be self confidence, discipline and persistency.


July brings for you growth opportunities and teamwork. Your work life will thrive this month.
Either you already have or will lay foundations for a new business project, job or enterprise. You would want to plan about what’s next to come with regards to this new start. You may feel a sense of both accomplishment as well as challenge. You may travel in relation to your work. This could be long distance traveling or perhaps selling your product/services overseas. However, there might little complications/delays in your plans. Someone around you or a business partner could give you helpful and updated information which will assist you to put your plans into action. You will feel satisfied with the current progress but at the same time there’s a lot more yet to be achieved and implemented. Be rational and take balanced actions. You need to break free of the confusion, conflict and uncertainty when it comes to regarding other people’s opinions. It’s time to work in a team in order to achieve long term success. Delegate your responsibilities so that together you can move forward and accomplish your goals. No matter the obstacles or how hard it may get, it’s time to be assertive and push forward with full force. You may have to resolve one final problem to get things in motion. Remember that motives drive intentions. Focus for July should be cooperation, focused energy and prioritizing responsibilities.


July brings for you enlightenment, peace and prosperity. There will be hope, health and happiness for you this month. Change is in the air for you. A matter of considerable importance could surface. You could embark on a new creative venture. Initially progress may be slow but results would be steady. You could receive recognition of your work in the form of a promotion or increase in salary. Change of job or residence also seems likely. Romantic relationships may blossom with the promise of excitement and enthusiasm. Be careful and diligent with any written communications. Do your research and read the papers thoroughly before entering into an agreement. Visualize your dreams so that you’re able to manifest them into your reality. Don’t rely just on your logical mind while fully ignoring your emotions, but do try to mould yourself according to the circumstances. You’re capable of coming up with rational and thoughtful solutions to your problems. Be cool minded and objective while dealing with any difficulty otherwise people may feel as if you’re disregarding their opinions. You can take a vacation to spend time outdoors, at a sunny place or a day at the beach. Focus for July should be clear thinking, radical acceptance and wise decisions.


July bring for you fresh beginnings and healing. You may be in the process of ending a phase of your life and preparing for new growth. It’s time to introduce necessary changes and improvements into your life. A decision needs to be made with full awareness because of its outcome being of vital importance. If you have been contemplating a career change, know that you could achieve success. You may give a second chance to old relationships only if the other partner is willing to work towards it, otherwise moving forward at this time would be for your benefit. On the other hand some of you might begin new relationships. Make sure to take out sometime for your family and loved ones. News of birth, pregnancy or marriage will uplift your spirits. Be adaptable not rigid, but don’t compromise on your values or what’s important to you. Stay curious, stay open. Feel love and compassion for yourself and turn your troubles over to the Universe for healing. Some of you could indulge in working with your shadow side this month. Focus for July should be flexibility, practicality and transformation.

I have used tarot and oracle cards for the above predictions.

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