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January invites us to stand up, share our voice and gifts with the world. This month we are being prompted to create structure, discipline and sold foundations for ourselves regardless of any restrictions and limitations holding us back. 2019 is year of creative self expression. I have written in detail about the general energies of this year that we can forward to and how to work with them in the article, 2019 in tarot and numerology.

Before diving into this month’s medicine for each zodiac sign, acknowledge that these are general readings and may not resonate with everyone. Take what resonates and leave the rest. And, if you would like to know what 2019 has instore for you, check for details here.

Be sure to check your SUN ūüĆě, MOON ūüĆõ¬†and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook.


January brings for you equilibrium and enthusiasm. This month you must look into weighing matters carefully and thoughtfully before entering into an agreement or making a decision. Some contracts from the past year may have to be dealt with before you can take a next step either in your professional or personal life. The cards are suggesting you to face and deal with the matters with cooperation and with an open mind instead of acting closed off or not willing to consider the truth of the situation. Some events may take place which could make you feel as if the Universe is being unfair but during those times, acknowledge that somethings are meant to happen in order for you learn from such experiences and blossom as a new flower. Basically this month could prove to be a turning point in either your work or home life. Accept the reality with open arms rather than fighting it. You may also start a creative venture or project that you have been contemplating upon since the last year. Make sure to handle any legal proceedings with fair means.

Focus for January needs to be deliberation, rationality and emotional renewal.


January¬†brings for you enlightenment and clarity of thoughts. This is the¬†month¬†where you need to listen to your desire to break the mold and free yourself from the restrictions and limitations of conventionality. It’s time to let go of lofty ideals and false structures. You could change jobs, career, residence or there can be alteration in your relationship. Foundations or structures that you have had built in the past could come crashing down while forcing you to think rationally and sensibly. Although it may be difficult to transition but the point of such change is to help you learn the truth about yourself and act accordingly. Due to this you may experience being out of touch with your emotions and perhaps afraid of entering into a relationship. A professional could provide you with sound business or legal advice. With the upheaval, there will also come a helping hand for you to see a ray of sunshine.

Focus for January needs to be logic, strength of character and liberation. 


January¬†brings for you achievement and celebration. Efforts that you have been putting in the past couple of months are finally going to pay off. You are going to be recognized for your work which will make you feel fulfilled and triumphant. You will surpass challenges and obstacles through hard work and motivation. Make sure to celebrate your success with your friends and family. However, it’s possible that a few people in your circle show jealousy but don’t let their attitudes to affect you. Do your own thing and continue following your intuition. Continuous growth and prosperity is only possible if you keep on using your talents in an efficient and effective way. Be open to ask for assistance and to work with others in a team. When you work with others, you come across ideas that could not have presented themselves to you otherwise. Make choices and decision based on your thoughtfulness and consideration.

Focus for January needs to be delegation, wisdom and a time to rejoice.


January¬†brings for you inspiration and harmony. This¬†month¬†you need to rely on your inner guidance and intuition. Some of your plans or goals may not go according to the plan but that does not mean your wishes will not be fulfilled. Nonetheless, it’s a good time to exert yourself because you can achieve desired results that bring in comforting and renewed sense of direction. You may find yourself under financial strain but know that you can overcome these obstacles by getting rid of unnecessary expenditures or confining situations. During stressful times, consult an expert to heed sound advice. You hold a special talent which you are either hiding or are confused about it. The cards are advising you not to waste your talents rather bring them out and share them with the world. Enroll in a course or a read a book in order to fulfill your thirst for knowledge. Indulge in an activity where the use of hands/fingers is essential like baking, pottery making, painting etc.

Focus for January needs to be reflection, renewal and rationality. 


January¬†brings for you hope and enlightenment. You may decide to leave an oppression situation, relationship or person behind while steping into your power and realizing that it’s time to move on. Follow your inner wisdom as it will guide you towards the best path. It’s time to acknowledge that you need to tend to your emotions and put yourself first before thinking about nurturing others. Counseling or consulting a friend will be of help to you during difficult times because they could assist and enable you to pull yourself out of the darkness that you may find yourself in. Direct your energy towards a new interest. You can look into starting a physical fitness program as a form of putting your energy to a good use and taking care of yourself. This will assist you to overcome a period of stagnation in both your professional and personal life. Relocation, long distance journey or travel through air seems likely.

Focus for January needs to be contemplation, emotional maturity and swift action. 


January¬†brings for you change and gratification. This is a time for endings and new beginnings that bring in empowerment and liberation. Don’t be afraid of lighting your own flame and know that you can achieve what you wish for. Your material interests could block your emotional growth so beware. You must learn to delegate your responsibilities rather than trying to do everything yourself. Overwork or overexertion could lead to burnout. The cards are advising you to be mindful of your personal boundaries and take breaks to fuel your energy in order to avoid stress and exhaustion. Basically excessively indulging in anything is not beneficial for you at any cost so try to maintain a balance be it your work, personal needs, eating habits, shopping spree etc. On the other hand it’s not advisable to act too conservative or miserly.

Focus for January needs to be purging, versatility and kindness. 


January¬†brings for you ideas and motivation. You may feel pulled towards many different directions while none of them may feel as the right option. Your heart may urge you to go in one direction whereas your head pulls you into another. The cards are advising you to allow yourself to float and dream because taking any big decisions right now is not wise. This is the time to assess those different options that present themselves to you. Be patient with yourself and explore your choices. Take your time to seek more information and weigh out matters carefully in order to reach a thoughtful and focused decision. On the flip side, it’s a good time for creative projects of any kind. Exchange ideas, make plans and do the ground work. Don’t allow self limiting patterns or false beliefs stand in the way of realizing your potential as well as taking a step towards achieving your goals. You have the willpower to fight through your fears and anxieties.

Focus of January needs to be corporation, determination and following your psychic impressions.


January¬†brings for you assistance and cooperation. This is the time to make sound investments and be open to receive help or for a chance to participate in a business/work related opportunity. This is the¬†month¬†where you need to share and delegate your talks with others in order to attract prosperity and success. If a dispute arises, know that by listening to the viewpoint of others and willing to compromise is going to help with the resolution of problems. Try not to be overly sensitive to criticism because that could result in you suffering mentally and physically that may unnecessarily overwhelm you. Someone could help with fine tuning your talents so that you’re able to express them in a more meaningful manner. It’s also likely that you may find yourself in a position to offer assistance or training/mentoring to others. One thing you need to be wary of is double dealing or becoming a victim of false information.

Focus for January needs to be sharing, warmth and emotional equilibrium. 


January¬†brings for you foresight and peace of mind. Your work, career and business is going to be the center stage of this¬†month. You may find yourself buried in work and indulging in the habit of doing everything yourself. This could create problems for you in the long run such as not meeting the deadlines, affecting your health, back pain etc. Learn to delegate responsibilities and don’t take on more than you can handle. You need to develop better boundaries for your own sake. An excessive focus on career ambitions may interfere with other aspects of your life. Going with the flow will help you move away from conflicting and difficult situations. You may find yourself wanting to learn new things. A trip or an event is going to relieve tension and reinstate harmony and balance into your life. Some of you may invest their time in improving and decorating their homes. Try not to emphasize too much on materialism, social status and societal pressures.

Focus for January needs to be self care, diligence and kindness.


January¬†brings for you transformation and change of attitude. Foundations that you have laid in the past could come crashing down or some news could jolt you from within. An event or circumstances could bring you grief and suffering but it’s not the time to run from it rather deal with the pain and mourn in order to fully overcome the distress and anguish. You may have to let go of a situation, relationship or job that only brings you tears and stress. This is the¬†month¬†where you need to fully take care of your own needs. You may feel discomfort and tensed related to children, pregnancy or conception. The cards are advising you to be careful with any written communications and contracts. You may have to slow down, reevaluate your choices and remain open to compromise. No matter the circumstances know that healing will take place. Things will get better so be hopeful.

Focus for January needs to be patience, faith and open mindedness.


January¬†brings for you harmony and mind broadening experiences. This¬†month¬†you need to set priorities and stop scattering your energy into too many directions. You may find yourself in a mess which is of your own making. Now is not the time to dwell in that mess but rather to create order and structure. Success is going to cross your paths as a result of your assertive efforts to overcome nuisances and challenges. Some of the conflicts or strife may be due to your refusal to listen to opinion of others and what they have to say. If you’re going to continue ignoring the viewpoints of others then this could give rise to more arguments and quarrels. Confront petty annoyances in order to move forward and achieve your goals. There must be a balance give and take where both the parties benefit mutually. Feel delighted and happy for being the vessel of assistance to others.

Focus for January needs to be collaboration, swift action and fair dealings.


January brings for you apprenticeship and hard work. You may come across an opportunity to enhance and polish your skills and talents. So take the opportunity with both hands because the foundation you lay now will pay off in the form success and growth at a later date. Strength and courage are at your disposal so use them to focus on achieving your goals in the face of adversity. Some of you would want to start over in a new career whereas for some there can be stepping up on the ladder. On job training or part time schooling seems likely. Old wounds may heal with the passage of time however; you need to be patient and reasonable when negotiating with others on any matter. Wise money management is something you need to master.

Focus of January needs to be dedication, diligence and discretion.

I have used tarot and oracle cards as a tool for the above predictions. 

Wishing you a very happy January!


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