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Be sure to check your SUN, MOON and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook. This month asks you to follow your intuition. You will come across an opportunity


This month asks you to follow your intuition. You will come across an opportunity

/matter for which to turn inward to examine your emotions will be beneficial. You need to rely on yourself and be self sufficient. Don’t take risks unless you carefully analyze the situation. Someone may not be as loyal to you as believe they are, so be aware. A mother figure might be of importance to you this month. Investments in real estate/land will show improvements. Sale, purchase and transfer of property is possible. A family occasion like a wedding or birth may come up. Although in January you will feel at ease with yourself and your surroundings but at the same time you might experience a feeling of incompleteness. This could be due to selfishness and lack of sensitivity. Try to avoid unnecessary drama and self criticism. This month you should focus on being comfortable in your own skin.



This month brings for you movement, security and change. Your confidence and enthusiasm will help you achieve a goal. Be sure to select the right person for any confidence shared. Whatever efforts you have been putting into the previous months, this is the month where it is likely that you will receive the fruits of your labour. You can expect someone to present ideas pertaining to business which will be advantageous for you. Receipt or loan of money is possible. Relocation or travel seems to come up for you. If vacation is on your mind, go ahead as you are going to have a pleasant time. Those in love, will think of getting married or starting their family. Remember to make an act of charity this month, as it is said bread thrown on the water of life will come back threefold. Your interest in occult, divination and mysticism will increase. Your focus for January is sharing, generosity and following your instincts.



This month you may be faced with a choice, a fork in the road. It looks like that the decision will be of significant importance. So make sure to control your emotions and select the path with care. Things may not work out the way you have planned them to but don’t panic rather look for alternative way. Try to go with the flow in order for things to work out. Resist the temptation to change and stick to your resolutions and make firm decisions. Healing seems to be coming for you this month, either physical or spiritual. In love, there can be some ups and downs. You may experience strain financially, so try to cut down on unnecessary expenditures. Beware of trickery and saboteur. You will take short trip/trips during this month. You may want to buy a car this month or perhaps look into getting one. Remember that with continued effort you can get through struggle and conflict. Your focus for January is self discipline, diplomacy and balance.



This month brings for you promise of growth and prosperity. Your artistic endeavor will prosper. Your hard work will pay off with material success. You may also want to tap into your hidden potentials and psychological depths. Marriage, pregnancy or childbirth is possible this month.  Something hidden about a situation will come to light. If you want to acquire further training or education then go ahead. You may plan to enter into a business partnership. However correct and honest negotiations will be the key, although things may proceed at a slower rate. Don’t take on load more than your capacity otherwise you will feel oppressed. You might experience back issues. Make sure to take out time for yourself, mediate and heal the past.  Focus for January is to be patient, positive and logical.


♌LEO ♌

This month brings for you transformation and taking action. It’s time for you to release your fears. Notice any subtle changes around you. You may experience uncertainty and confusion. Try not to be deceived by apparent security. If you have any concerns relating to others, clear the air or any illusions. Let them know where you stand and try to find a common ground. Some of you would want to explore and develop mediumship or psychic side of yours. Your mother or a mother figure might be prominent in your affairs. In your work environment, try to inculcate the spirit of compromising and reasoning. In your love life you will experience friendship, harmony and excitement. Be ready to receive a news this month, that will uplift your spirits. I see you breaking free of the limitations that you have had put on yourself in the past. This will enable you to face the future with new faith and accept the changes. The month will end on a happy note. You might plan to take a trip to somewhere sunny and warm. Focus for you in January is to stay hopeful and cooperative.



This month brings for you increased emotional sensitivity and maturity. You may plan to act upon an idea/offer but there could be financial constraints that need to be look into. Try to avoid taking risks as it can result in loss of money so be vary and review properly. You can count on teamwork to face the challenges and for cooperation.You can receive news of pregnancy or some happy emotional news this month. You will renew an emotional tie or start a new relationship in January. A marriage proposal seems likely. A pleasant opportunity for travel may come for you. Your focus in January should be family, contentment and partnership.



This month brings for a time in which your peace of mind will be restored. It’s likely that there will be a positive change in your financial situation. In your work life, it may seem that you have reached a plateau and that things ain’t working. Even though you don’t yet see the final results, this is not the time to cease your efforts. It’s time for you reevaluate what needs to be done to accomplish your goals or the project that you have had started. You may need to swallow your pride and admit your limitations before you can proceed. Attend to small details and everything will work out fine. Beware of someone around you who could try to dodge you. Negotiate well before entering into an agreement or making a final decision. In love, you will be blessed with happiness and ecstasy. Your focus in January should be to take a leap of faith and leave a destructive behavior/pattern behind.



This month you should take the time to review what is happening in your life and what you want. It might a bit tough month for you. Try to avoid any legal battles and get rid of any confining situations in your life. It’s no use crying over spilt milk and don’t let your ego stand in your way. You may feel as if you have been left out in the cold but it won’t be the case as someone will come to your rescue and offer you assistance. Take this opportunity to work with others if you want to lay the foundation for future developments. An opportunity could come up either for you to learn or teach others. Your love life will be a bit stagnant this month. You may not receive much results right now but the foundations you are going to put down will pay off in the longer run, be it professional or personal life. Take care of your health as you may fall sick or catch a cold due to the the extreme weather. Anyway, you will heal and come out of any difficult and uncertain situations and your hard work will pay off. The focus for you this month is endurance and hard work.



This month brings for you healing. Projects/work that you were counting on to be finished might not be completed this month as there might be a few more alterations or additions need to be done. This could make you sad or depressed. Collapse of your plans will give you clarity of perception and eliminate any false beliefs. Let me tell you that all this will bring about a change for the better. Take it as a lesson you have to learn in order to progress to the next stage in your development. Know that there will be progress and improvement in your affairs. Travel over water is possible. You can think of buying a new vehicle this month. In January, going slowly, delegating and trusting that all will be well should be your focus.



This month is about rest, relaxation and renewal. You will have to give time to yourself, your plans and ideas. You should think through everything, contemplate, take decisions wisely and practically. Try to take everything at a slower pace, be it personal or professional life. Travel is possible and you could go on a vacation that will be like a break from the hassles of your daily routine. Your health maybe under par due to some imbalance or an infection (could be around chest /stomach area). However, there will be improvement health wise. Your work/ projects/finances will show slow but steady progress. A woman may play a significant role. Either this person will help you or you may offer assistance to a friend. In a nutshell being patient, fluid and analytical should be your focus in January.



This month asks you to look before you leap. You can be caught off guard by an agreement or reconciliation that might not live up to your expectations. There can be a dissolution of a contract/partnership. Any of this could be due a misunderstanding or lack of trust thereof. If both the parties remain stubborn and none of them makes a move to solve the issue then it will only dim the day and nothing else. Avoid smugness and unrealistic desires in order to stay clear of conflict. In a love relationship, one partner can be too demanding or possessive. Work wise, you may encounter insufficient funds. For a good health, try to avoid too much drinking or eating a lot of junk food, basically stay away from overindulgence. The focus for you this month is to compromise and be moderate in your approach towards everything in your life. Doing so will bring success and prosperity in your professional and personal life.



This month’s advice for you is to free yourself from self imposed limitations and negative thinking. You will receive an important message. Chances are that it will be a good news. You seem to be coming up with new ideas and would likely want to start a creative venture. All in all an opportunity will arise for you for new growth. If you have been waiting for a call with regards to work/employment, it’s going to be a positive one. Someone knowledgeable can delegate or give you the help you need. You may travel and correspond in connection with your work. In love, expect ardent and passionate times. Apart from this there can be a disappointment and emotional letdown for you this month. It will all depend on you to either focus on the glass being half empty or half full.  The focus for you this month is interdependence and being gratuitous.

I have used tarot and oracle cards as a tool for the above predictions.

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