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Be sure to check your SUN 🌞, MOON 🌛and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook.


This month calls for you to be rational and objective. Avoid making rash decisions rather be sensible and fair in your approach. Adopt softer and lively ways to communicate with others. Showing aggressive and stern behavior will make others feel as if you are disregarding their opinions and belittling them. In love, you or your partner may undergo a fear of intimacy and be somewhat resistant to open up to each other. In your work life, act wisely and logically to resolve any issues that may come up rather than solely relying on your emotions. This month you could go through a period of uncertainty and mood swings. If you feel that someone is trying to double cross you then, you should definitely follow your instincts with regards to it. I feel something hidden will come to light this month for you Aries. You might come across an upsetting news or there could be a delay in your plans. This in return will lead you to analyze the situation and take a decision quickly which could lead to some mental stress and despair. Such a situation could also call for you to refer to an expert or a professional to get hold of everything better. Focus for you in January is to wait and take any criticism constructively.



This month you need to be autonomous and independent. Your career and ambitions would be the highlights of this month than emotional matters. Think clearly, take charge and come up with well thought answers to your problems. It will all depend upon you, for how to light up your life. Remember regardless of the present circumstances there will be fulfillment for you. Work wise, if there’s a conflict between coworkers/rivals know that you will find a common ground. Any kind of artistic endeavor will prosper. A trip is possible for you in February. You might also come across some news about pregnancy/children. I’m also sensing counseling which could be in regards to a relationship or postpartum depression. However you will be emotionally satisfied before the end of this month. False evidence could appear real due to your own fears. Thus don’t dwell on fear and make sure to connect with your higher self and inner peace. Focus for you this month is to be neutral and welcome new experiences in your life.



This month will be filled with energy and enthusiasm. Change is surely in the air for you. There will be a start or finish of an important situation. Before reaching a final decision make sure to consider all aspects. You will have to stand up for yourself and resist the temptation to change by sticking to your resolutions and beliefs. In your professional life, someone will present you with ideas pertaining to business that will be advantageous for you. A new job or promotion is possible. Some of you might have to make a choice between current job or career change (new job). Romantic relationships will blossom with the promise of an exciting sex life. Motherhood could be in the offing. You will look into formalizing your relationship or those engaged would be looking into getting married. Travel, could be a journey over water or change of residence is possible. Refraining from unnecessary dramas and being authentic should be your focus in February.



This month brings for you transformation and modification. Release any old ways, illusion or structural flaws to embrace the new. Otherwise, opposing energies could create agitation. It’s likely that you have scattered your energy in too many directions at once. So to avoid stress you need to set priorities. Try marital arts or some other sport to release excess energy. Work wise, your rivals could create tension for you. In such a situation be clear, firm and state the facts. This way it’s possible that you get the corporation you require. Sale or purchase of land/home is possible. If you’re wanting to travel, there could be delays. You can be discontent with regards to some aspect of your life. This month will be the time for you to reassess and reevaluate it. Otherwise you will only be bored and move in circles. Due to this you won’t be able to see what sort of beneficial opportunities lie ahead of you. Breaking free of the restrictions and avoiding passivity should be your focus in February.


♌LEO  ♌

This month calls for a temporary non action. You should look out for opportunities but don’t rush anything to avoid dissatisfaction. Though your progress could be slow but steady. So don’t lose hope but do something that keeps you motivated otherwise you will waste your energy and talents. A long standing venture could show progress. Travel in relation to your business or work is possible. Property and real estate matters will go well. All in all it will be a good month for you. Take a nap, de-stress and relax. If you want to take a short break, go for it and have fun. Follow your intuition and nurture your emotions in order to avoid confusion and uncertainty. Once you do that, you will see things more clearly and deeply. Positive thinking will lead to positive outcomes. Your focus in February is to be attentive and contemplate properly before proceeding.


♍ VIRGO  ♍

This month asks you to practice giving and receiving along with reviewing your bondage to material goods and unbridled passions. If anything is making you feel trapped or overburdened, you need to review it and not let it hamper your growth. It seems the month will mostly revolve around love/family life. Anyone in your family could offer you assistance. There could be a beautiful start to a new romance or an existing relationship will reach higher levels. Reconciliation is likely too. You could lay firm foundation for family life. A surprise in the form of letter, text, gift etc could come your way. Kindness and thoughtfulness will bind two hearts together. Clinging to a relationship just for the sake of sexual pleasures will only constrict and repress your emotions and mental clarity. It will only lead to a dead end so don’t fool yourself. Make sure the relationship is fostering personal growth and not hindering it. Work wise, if there has been a dispute or clash, you will reach a compromise. A spirit of cooperation pervades the work environment. Financial security will be achieved. Focus for in February is to leave behind any unhealthy attachments, be it your professional or personal life.



This month asks you to look above the present situation and reevaluate. Revamp your goals, attitudes, priorities while remaining true to your values. There could be an unexpected change at home or at work. You might have to make a sacrifice for the highest good. Come up with innovative ideas and adopt a new approach. Things will lead to a new beginning in your personal as well as professional life but only if you release the old. You need to maintain a balance between your head and heart. In fact be more rational and thoughtful and only then you will be able to make a clear decision and reach a settlement. This will make you experience new emotional development and maturity. If you are starting a new job, make sure to give careful attention to your emotional issues. Childbirth/pregnancy is possible. This month you could manifest the results of positive thinking. Contemplation will assist you to uncover insights that will set you free and bring you closer to the happiness you seek. In February, your focus should be making amends, healing and forgiveness.



February calls for you to take a stand, confront and stay undaunted. Although this month you could feel under pressure at work or in some other situation but know that there will be rest from undue tension and you will be able to see things more clearly. In your work life, you will have an advantage even if you don’t realize it, so face the competition with strength and determination. There can be an unexpected source of prosperity and you will be making a successful career move this month. If you won’t take swift action not only professionally but personal life as well, then you will loose out on opportunities and things in turn could become stagnant. This will only lead you being restless and nothing else. So remember it’s time for you to solve issues energetically and negotiate correctly. New friends will enter your life. Air travel or a small trip is possible. You would also want to start an exercise program for physical fitness. This month will bring second chances and improvements for renewal and positive new beginnings. Focus for you in February should be harmony, confidence and to be at your best.



This month asks you to cut off your fears and limitations especially the self imposed ones.
It’s time to break free of an oppressive environment and open your mind to truth. Otherwise you you will act as your own worst enemy. It’s ok to seek counsel in order to be able to view things clearly and get a sensible advice. Being anxious will get you no where. Rather than suppressing your feelings and thoughts you need to embrace the new experiences. Acting childish will hamper your growth. Take a leap of faith to bring about a change you desire in your life. If you’re starting a new relationship or a job, you need to go with the flow. In your work life, it’s the right time to take a risk and initiate a project. There will be an opportunity for growth. Remember that you’re the master of your own destiny. Expect exciting and passionate times in your love life. Things will out favorably in all aspects of your life this month. Focus for you in February is to allow change and transformation enter in your life.



All this month speaks off, is change for you Capricorns. There will either be a start or a finish of an important situation. Whatever that is, know that it will lead to a fortunate improvement in your life. The month will mainly revolve around your work/business life. Someone will present you with business ideas that will be of assistance to you. You could embark on a creative project or a trip in regards to your work. Your finances will improve and there will be a sense of accomplishment. You may be in line for a promotion or there can be an increase in salary. Land/property/real estate matters will go well. You could be also thinking of buying a new vehicle. Romantic relationships will blossom. This month there might be very little emphasis on emotional involvements. You could decide to walk away from an oppressive person or a circumstance. Remove the rotten pieces in your life and reinforce your moral integrity. So focus in February is to be practical, honest and have faith in yourself.



This month calls for emotional maturity. You will decide to move forward while leaving an unhealthy situation behind you. You would want to break loose and try different alternatives and some new methods. The dissatisfaction and disappointment coming out of such a situation could be stressful and might affect your health. So be sure rest and relax to calm your mind and rejuvenate your body. Perhaps take a break from your daily routine to contemplate. Once you are all relaxed, you will be able to solve your issues and achieve your goals. You could get recognition or promotion in your work. In your love life, partners might decide to go separate paths. Travel and change of residence are possible this month. Health wise, take care of your back and neck. However, the month will end on a happy and cheerful note. Some good and unexpected news will come your way. Don’t lose hope and remember that the sun always shines after darkness. Focus for you in February is reflection, acceptance and knowing that there things in life you will never have control over.



February asks you to avoid wishful thinking rather prioritize. You could experience an overwhelming situation which could disturb your peace of mind. This could be due to being too conservative and not wanting to take a risk. A lot of options will be there for you to choose from and each option may involve some sort of trade off. Being way too careful will lead to you gaining nothing at this point. You must learn to delegate rather than trying to do everything yourself. Avoid passivity at this time and confront petty annoyances. An opportunity for a new beginning will show up. Someone from your past may renew your hope in future. Material interests could slow down emotional matters this month. Clear up any misunderstanding or hurt feelings. Take a proper sleep to avoid exhaustion and stress. You could receive a visitor or taking a trip will turn out to relieve tension and bring back harmony for you. The month will end with healing and renewal for you. Focus for you in February is transformation and too review past difficulties and move ahead.


I have used tarot and oracle cards as a tool for the above predictions.

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