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We have entered the last month of the year which is about communication, freedom from restriction and versatility. This is going to be a dynamic and fast moving month. changes may present themselves to you so try to be adaptable and go with the flow.

Before diving into this month’s medicine for each zodiac sign, acknowledge that these are general readings and may not resonate with everyone. Take what resonates and leave the rest. However, if you would like a private reading with me, you can find out more here!

Be sure to check your SUN 🌞, MOON 🌛 and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook.


“I am capable of conquering the clutter and creating order in my life.”

December brings for you liberation from a false idea/belief and harmony in personal relationships. It’s time to face and deal with your deepest fears in order to finally and fully get over them rather than continuously suppressing such feelings. You need to understand that stress, trepidation or any unpleasant emotions are directly and indirectly affecting you on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. Break free of the illusions residing within you and trust your instincts and intuition. The benefits and rewards might not be visible to you initially but once you’re going to embark on this journey, things will start appear and pan out in front of you. Don’t allow self limiting beliefs to block your path. Following the old or set way of doing things will only lead you to a dead end at this point in time. You need to be open to taking risks and trying out new things. A mentor or a counselor can assist and advice you about how to deal with the ingrained patterns of the past or unconscious forces in order to proceed ahead. Your psychic awareness is going to heighten this month.

Focus for December needs to be self care, creativity and realization of hopes.




“I respect my accomplishments and celebrate my success with my loved ones and team members.”

December brings for you new beginnings and celebration. An excessive focus on work and career ambitions may interfere with other aspects of your life. This is the month where you need to make your family and friends your priority. You need to take a break from your work and responsibilities and enjoy the fruits of your labour. And that you can do by delegating your workload with others. Be open to giving and receiving because it will not only help you grow as a person but sharing and giving back to the community will also bring for you a sense of achievement. It may also help you to fill some void in your life. It’s time to create happy memories for yourself with your loved ones and others. You may have to move on and leave behind an unsatisfactory situation in your life this month. A journey is in the offing for you. Some of you could tie a knot, decide to start a family or begin a new life style. There will be healing and renewed health for you this month.

Focus for December needs to delegation, hospitality and a time to rejoice.



“I am capable of handling all challenges with grace and dignity.”

December brings for you old memories and patience. Old structures could come crashing down and give rise to a dramatic change. You have to rid yourself of any false beliefs or social convictions that may be hindering your growth. Something from your past can resurface in your life which could either be warming or unearthing. You may have to move through this process slowly but steadily. Some matter with roots in the past might come to fruition.  This could also be talking to a therapist or advisor about your past or childhood which could be unnerving initially but in the end you will feel relieved. You may have an opportunity to renew an old acquaintance or an old contract. Your hard work and diligence is going to pay off in the long run. It’s also very likely that you travel to your childhood or family home/place. Business travel is also possible this month.

Focus for December needs to be perseverance, liberation and emotional renewal.



“I welcome and embrace the powerful changes happening in my life.”

December brings for you an air of change and enthusiasm. This is the month where there can be a lot movement and you can actually get things done and that too in a fast pace. You might finally put an end to an oppressive situation or circumstances. If there has been any idea or plans that had been pending since long, now is the time to put those into action. You may start to carry out some work with regards to a dream you have had. Your wishes and dreams are going to be fulfilled and come to fruition. Be mindful of your finances and ask for help if need be in order to make sound investments. The advice for you is to avoid any rest and impulsive decisions because that may end in disappointment. There’s also a theme of new beginnings for you in December and that could be related to the start of a new creative project, a relationship or a change of residence which seems quite likely for some of you. If you’re about to go on vacation, know that you may have a pleasant time. In fact you need a well deserved holiday so make plans for it.

Focus of December needs to be optimism, excitement and perspective.



“I am gentle with myself and treat myself with kindness.”

December brings for you a change of attitude and self care. You may have to be wary of your finances and before reaching a decision or making an investment it’s advisable to consult an experienced person for guidance. It’s not the time to take risks blindly rather stick to the traditional way of doing things. By that I don’t mean to imply that you shouldn’t stretch your limits. The idea is to stick to your guns and think through things before making any decisions and judgments. Be open to taking into consideration the point of view of others instead of just imposing your ways or methods onto them. Avoid quarrels as well as unnecessary and unneeded conflicts. Negotiation will help you brainstorm and come up with conclusive results. You must learn to delegate rather than doing everything yourself. Otherwise it may affect your efficiency and energy levels. You also need to make sure to hold space for yourself especially your body. An event may relieve you from any stress and worries. There can be slight delays in your plans mainly travel related.

Focus for December needs to be sound money management and going with the flow.



“I choose to live in the moment and take things one day at a time.”

December bring for you a change for the better. New doors are going to open up while giving you a chance to improve your circumstances. There may very well be an end to some past difficulties. You may have to make a significant decision which could influence the unfolding of events in your life. Just be sure to take your time before reaching any decision rather than an impulsive decision. However I feel that the situation may require you take a swift action so be mindful of your choices. Stand up for yourself and be blunt as well as be vocal about your needs, opinions and what you desire out of a situation. Your keen intellect and straight forward approach to things is going to bring you success and advancement. Solve your issues analytically and logically. You may purchase a new car or plan to go for a road trip this month.

Focus for December needs to be strength, determination and growth. 



“I nourish, empower and support myself with positive and loving thoughts.”

December brings for you comfort and support. This month there will be financial security, profitable investments and success provided that you look at the brighter side of things and don’t get lost in what is no longer available in your life. Family pressures and social considerations could restrict your growth so tackle such issues wisely and moderately. It’s not the time to cry over spilt milk rather cut ties with the situation or person that only contributes towards regret and disappointment. Spending time with your loved ones seems likely. A celebration is in the offing which could be marriage, birth or a family feast. Some of you may decide to establish a firm foundation for family life. Use your skills and talents in the best possible way. This will not only bring about professional growth but will also produce tangible results. You can also receive job related increment or a promotion. Don’t invest your energy into too many things rather take up only that much load which you can handle easily and leave the rest. You need to slow down, reevaluate your stance and remain open to compromise. Your work may require you to work with large corporations or the government.

Focus for December needs to be cooperation, tranquility and sincere effort.



“I am always deeply relaxed, centered and balanced with my inner self and the Universe.”

December brings for you balance and discretion. You may feel overwhelmed by too many factors. This is not the time to take assertive actions or make any important decisions. Your heart may urge you to go in one direction and your mind may tell you go in another. Contemplation and reflection should be practiced before deciding upon your options. Hold space for you yourself and take a break if that’s what you need to gain clarity. You have to confront the issues directly because problems won’t go away if you pretend they don’t exist. You need to realize that your hands may be already full so deal with those things first rather than wanting to acquire more. In quest of having more, don’t rob yourself of the experiences that are already present in your life. Be careful of what you say or put out anything in writing at this time. On the other hand, this is a good time for creative projects of any kind. Success will depend on you analyzing matters carefully to reach a thoughtful decision.

Focus for December needs to be diplomacy, realism and following your intuition.



“I am consistent in my disciplinary habits and am fully commitment to my goals.”

December brings for you transformation and cooperation. You have a good business sense and have the willpower to work hard for material gain. However, too much interest in material things can block your emotional growth and sway you away from taking care of yourself and others. Holding onto deeply ingrained beliefs or old structures are going to hinder your growth and won’t enable you to move forward. Not wanting to let go of things or unproductive ways are going to invite stagnation and lack of personal or professional development. If there’s has been a dispute, know that you can reach a common ground through harmony and negotiation. Be open to cooperate and reason with others, otherwise you are only going to reach a road block. A troubling situation may come to an end and pave way for new beginnings. Apart from all that, be sure to take out time for yourself to relax and renew your emotions and energy levels.

Focus for December needs if be sharing, commitment and self empowerment.



“I am doing everything to reach my highest potential.”

December brings for you determination and creative visualization. You may decide to review some aspect of your past in order to extract lessons from the respective experiences. It’s important to recover and confront with old memories. This is a great month to market yourself and your business to the world. Advanced training or education may be of benefit to you. You have to observe, experiment, refine your skills and be adaptable. Explore your untapped potential and skills that have been laying dormant since forever. Deal with the problems energetically and you’re going to achieve your goals if you go as planned. Travel to meet friends, cousins or family is very much possible for you this month. There will be warm get togethers and exchange of gifts also seems likely. Children may play a significant role in your life this month.

Focus for December needs to be gratuity, patience and expanding your horizons. 



“My mind is filled with healthy, loving and prosperous thoughts.”

December brings for you mental clarity and strength in adversity. This month you may have to do the unexpected as well as concentrate your energies towards pursuing a significant goal. To overcome uncertainty and confusion you may have to break free of self limiting patterns, unhealthy patterns or your fears. Sometimes positive things emerge from painful variations of life; however you do possess the discipline and determination to overcome any difficulties. Confront your shadows and inhibitions in order to allow personal growth to take place. Beware of someone trying to outsmart or dodge you in devious ways. While initiating a venture, be careful of what you put in writing. You may come across an opportunity that opens doors to future financial prosperity.

Focus for December need to be willpower, rationality and discretion.



“I feel comfortable with myself and accept myself with love, compassion and appreciation.”

December brings for you wish fulfillment and apprenticeship. Satisfaction and material benefits are in stored for you provided that you use your skills wisely and efficiently. Some of you would want to start over in a new career. Grab any opportunity that enables you to learn and refine your talents. You may not receive much financial reward now but the foundation you are going to lay will pay off in the long run. Ask for help if you need to learn something or want an advice for tackling any difficult situation. You may have been working very hard and may have burnout yourself. The cards are advising you to take a much needed break or holiday before proceeding further with anything significant. A trip is going to relieve tension and reinstate balance and harmony. Wise money management is part of what you need to master.

Focus for December needs to be contentment, learning and dedication. 


I have used tarot and oracle cards as a tool for the above predictions. 

Wishing you a very happy November!


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