By October 27, 2018 AUGUST 2018

Be sure to check your SUN🌞, MOON and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook.



AFFIRMATION: “I am becoming wiser each day.”

August bring for you open mindedness and clarity of thoughts. Now is the time to deal with problems energetically and patiently. Lack of patience will likely result in stress, anxiety and making rash decisions. Stick to your plans and give time for progress to show up. You need to learn a bit more about time management. You might get off tracked for seeking recognition, social status or getting approval from others. However, your focus needs to be on doing your job well and efficiently. Crying over what has been lost or what’s not in your control is of no use, rather look at the positive aspects and things that are still there and in your control.

Plan your moves wisely and don’t burn the bridges behind you. It seems likely that you may want to cut things out of your life unnecessarily and impulsively. If there’s a partnership, friendship, contract etc that you plan to cut ties with, make sure to end things on a positive note because you never know when and where you might need their assistance again in future. Try to avoid exploitation and victimized mindset. I see a move happening this month. If you’re solely going to focus on what others have to say then the end result will be sorrow and distress. Anyway, A trip also seems in the offing for you Aries.

Focus for August needs to be maximum use of your talents, self satisfaction and gratuity.


August brings for you inspiration and renewal. It’s time to follow on your instincts and inner wisdom. You might have to assert yourself to achieve your goals as well as your desires. There will be healing related to a relationship/partnership that has run its course. You can overcome a sad and distressing situation once you have set your mind to get over it. It will purely depend upon you whether to see the glass half full or half empty. This is going to determine your attitude for this month. If your are being asked or compelled to make a compromise, look at it from an open mind and analyze the situation in depth.

However, for some of you there can either be start of a new romantic relationship or you may decide to renew an old partnership. To avoid uncertainty and confusion, adopt a positive attitude and outlook. Time spent in contemplation is going to be well worth it. There can be unexpected domestic or career changes. Whatever offer you are being presented with, remember to examine it in detail and avoid being led by others. Anyway, you will get what you want but it may not be the exact same way you had expected.

Focus for August needs to be cooperation, healing and reflection.

AFFIRMATION: “My greatest lesson is to learn about the power of love.”


August brings for you security and satisfaction. This month is mainly going to revolve around business matters and financial aspects of your life. Your financial situation will start to get better. Real estate and property matters could flourish. Your partners, father, mentor or something more experienced than yourself may provide you with a sound advice which might help you get of funk you may be in. If you’re going to allow your fears to prevail, know that they could stop you from making wise decisions and block you from taking a practical approach.

New relationships or projects are going to materialize. But if you’re going to hold yourself back, limit your potential, refuse to accept help and not work upon yourself to step out of these self imposed limitations then you are only going to find yourself in a difficult situation. Face your fears, deal with them and resolve the issues in your life. It’s time to be compassionate and kind towards yourself. If someone’s offering you a helping hand , take it willingly. Be open and observant while agreeing upon any contacts or business deals.

Focus for August needs to be empathy, discipline and practicality.

AFFIRMATION: “I trust in the wisdom of my experiences.”


August brings for you acceleration, fulfillment and success. This is the month where you need to take charge of your life and think about how can you progress in your endeavors without burning yourself out. You also need to understand that, not everyone possesses similar energy and intellectual level as yourself. It’s likely that you take up more load than you can handle.

Despite the oppressiveness of your burden, you do have the capability to complete your task. However, the thing to be mindful of is that you may not be able to fulfill your tasks in an expected and timely manner. Overwork can lead to mental and physical exhaustion. So be logical and delegate your responsibilities with others. Working in a team is going to bring satisfaction. Try to avoid being stubborn and ostentatious.

Express yourself creatively in an efficient and effective way. Seems like something could happen to stimulate your career. If you have been waiting for your test/exam results, know that they will come out positive. Any venture you initiate may provide a successful outcome. A sudden and passionate love affair or new friends could enter your life. Look into starting a physical fitness program. You may plan to take a trip or engage in some outdoor activities to relax yourself. Reading a book on personal development is going to help elevate your spirit.

Focus for August needs to be self empowerment, optimism and self expression.

AFFIRMATION: “Deep within me is a solid core of calm and peace.”

♌ LEO ♌

August brings for you awareness and change. Unhealthy patterns from the past could affect your current behavior. You may enter a period of uncertainty and fluctuating moods during which you may be pushed towards confronting your fears, anxiety and nervousness so that you are able to move forward. Inspiration and encouragement that you’re looking for won’t come from outside of yourself. Instead look within and beneath the surface for the drive and motivation you desire as well as for the hidden elements.

Moreover, the fears that are blocking you to proceed ahead reside internally rather than in your external environment. Don’t blame others for the issues in your life neither can they eliminate them. It is you who holds the reins to your own life. So have faith within yourself and the Universe.

There seems to be a rude and clever woman around you or within your social circle, of whom you need to beware of her. If your dreams and intuition warn you about something, make sure to take notice of it. Make good use of your creative talents. You can express them through communicating, writing, arts etc. With cooperation and patience you can overcome your hardships. Pregnancy or birth seems likely. Travel especially over water is possible.

Focus for August needs to be moderation, harmony and healing.

AFFIRMATION: “I fill myself with love and my love overflows to others.”


August brings for you perseverance and generosity. It may seem to you that you have been wasting your time on a project but that is not the case. You have reached a level where you need to pause and reflect upon the recent development of the project or enterprise. It’s time reevaluate your progress and decide accordingly what needs to done in order to continue progressing towards your goals.

Although progress might be slow but it’s not the time to cease your efforts rather stay positive and be hopeful for getting what you deserve. You need to show strength in adversity. Your finances could take a turn for the better by getting rid of any unnecessary expenditures. There might be a new beginning in your emotional life or an emotional renewal is going to take place. You might also assist someone in realizing their potential and talents.

Motherhood could be in the offing. Your health maybe under par due to a metabolic imbalance or infection. Your sleeping pattern might go off track if you ain’t going take care of yourself and worry needlessly. Too much stress and demoralization could lead to you missing out on opportunities so be ware.

Focus for August needs to be logic, courage as well as emotional and spiritual nourishment.

AFFIRMATION: “I do not judge others and I do not let others judge me.”


August brings for you decisiveness and transformation. Endings leading to fresh beginnings are the vibes I’m getting from your cards this month. It’s possible that you may found yourself at a fork in the road. Important relationships and contracts could fall apart or need to be reviewed thoroughly in order to get past the stagnation in your life. You may have to get involved in legal proceedings in the near future.

You may decide to embark on a path which you may not have experienced before. This could partly be due to temptation however make sure to consider the consequences before making a final decision. Having heart to heart conversations with your partner can bring about favorable results for both of you. Soul mate relationship may come your way that might push you out of your comfort zone.

In order to progress forward in your life you may have to come to a settlement and adjust to some sort of modification. This could happen in your professional or personal life. Get rid of false beliefs and old structures hindering your growth. Avoid sale or purchase of property/land as this is not a suitable month for that. Educational opportunity could cross paths with you. You might decide to take short trips during this month and they could be related to your work. In general, it’s likely that progress might slow but it will be tangible.

Focus for August needs to be flexibility, clear vision, practicality and awakening.

AFFIRMATION: “My intuitive senses are opening more and more each and every day.”


August brings for you heightened emotions and enlightenment. You may feel alone, disappointed or pessimistic due to some current undoing. If you are involved in a painful or one sided relationship, it’s best to cut ties and allow yourself to grief while revising your emotional priorities. You may experience crisis in your life which could be due to not wanting to move forward from your past. Take this experience as a lesson on your journey in order to make you fearless, strong and enthusiastic.

Be open to taking risks in your work life. The people you may meet this month are going help you with personal and personal growth. It’s time for a change and leaving the old behind however if you ain’t open towards this change then you may remain stuck in a rut. And then don’t go around complaining about your struggles, although you have the power to fight with your obstacles. You must let go or make a sacrifice to achieve a greater good.

A group of friends or colleagues could assist you to come up with another viewpoint and unique perspective with regards to your circumstances. Some sort of a celebration or a family gathering seems likely this month. Travel over long distance is also possible.

Focus for August needs to be satisfaction, adaptability and purging.

AFFIRMATION: “I already know how to achieve happiness.”


August brings for you swift action and inner strength. Things are going to accelerate quickly and you are going to rapidly move towards achieving your goals. Excitement is in the air which may lead to you launching new initiatives. It’s time to leave the sour taste of the past behind while moving towards new beginnings in your emotional and work life. You may get pulled in different directions therefore you will have to schedule your time wisely.

Looks like you have been getting low rewards as compared to the efforts you have been putting in lately, however stay focused and don’t lose hope as your situation is going improve. Managing your time and money wisely is the key this month. Seems like you may have to find a balance between your home life and finances simultaneously. Someone around you isn’t being upfront with you and may try to back stab you so beware.

Travel by air seems likely. New friends may enter your life and this friendship could lead to a passionate love affair for a few of you. Whereas for some, a relationship could come to an end. A sudden invitation coming your way could brighten things up for you. Rely on your strength and patience to solve the matters at hand.

Focus for August needs to be forward motion, emotional renewal and contemplation.

AFFIRMATION: “I release any attachment to the results of my good actions.”


August brings for you artistic creativity, sensitivity and major transformation. Now is the time to get rid of behaviors, situation or attitudes you have outgrown in order to make way for a new path. Unwillingness to do so could result in a loss. If you have been involved in a dispute, know that you can reach a common ground through cooperation and reason. Your interests in occult science could show an upward movement.

In your love life, a proposal that you have been waiting for may come your way. Relationship that have reached a plateau could come to an end, however for some of you reconciliation and renewal is possible. In work life, you can come up with different and new offers for your clients. You may also do some alterations, restructuring or reorganization of your product line or work process. A friend could come to your assistance or you can offer help to a dear friend.

Pay attention to your hunches, dreams and intuition as they will be your guides this month. It’s possible that you overlook your work because of your home life or vice versa. Pregnancy or motherhood seems likely. Your mother or a mother figure could play a significant role this month. Long distance travel is possible.

Focus for August needs to be generosity, self-empowerment and purging.

AFFIRMATION: “I release all the anger because anger harms me.”


August brings for you mental stimulation, quick action and sudden changes. You may find yourself at an impasse. You may feel stuck between your head and heart while unable to decide which one to choose. You may undergo a period of struggle but assertive efforts could help you to overcome it. Whatever issues you may have been facing lately will come to an end quickly and perhaps chaotically as well. You must face what you really want or feel.

Don’t hesitate to take any risks with contracts or settlements. Learn to delegate your responsibilities rather than doing everything by yourself. It’s likely that material interests block your emotional growth. So when making an important decision be thoughtful and reasonable in your approach. You might have to swallow your pride as well as admit your limitations before you can proceed further.

Someone around you may act in a sneaky and destructive manner. They may want to sabotage your plans so don’t listen to too many people instead try to reach your own conclusions. Apart from that take sometime out for yourself to recharge your batteries. Plan a vacation for yourself to relax and regroup yourself. Meditation will also bring clarity to a situation.

Focus for August needs to be fearlessness, confidence and integrity.

AFFIRMATION: “I am open to loving fully and freely.”


August brings for you balance and empowerment. I feel someone from your past may hold you back and thus you might feel stuck and indecisive. Looks like you may cry over spilt milk due to which you might be unable to view what good is still there in your life. This may also lead to you neglecting opportunities for the future. Don’t scatter your energy all over the place just because something you liked and enjoyed previously is no longer in your life.

There’s a need for you to bring order and structure into your life. Old relationships, false beliefs, work partners/colleagues may fall apart. Allow such energy to prevail as it is going to benefit you in the long run. In your work life, I can see success and achievement but remember to take charge, make wise decisions and put in sincere efforts. Change of status seems likely.

Your intuition is your best friend so if it alerts you towards something make sure to take notice. I feel this month some hidden aspects are going to come out in the open and you are going to gain clarity about your situation. An unexpected sexual adventure might come your way. You could also decide to take up further training or education. Reading books regarding personal development and motivation may help you ease any stress. Seeking a counsellor or an intuitive woman may be of help.

Focus for August need to be rationality, negotiation and trusting your inner voice.

AFFIRMATION: “I am aware that love is a state of being, not an intellectual process.”

I have used tarot cards for the above predictions.

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