Tarotscopes for April 2019

By March 31, 2019 2019, April 2019

April is the month for rest, contemplation and growth. During this month consciously try to step back from hustle and bustle of life not only to recharge you  batteries but to reflect upon how can you improve your life and ensure personal and spiritual growth. No matter what transpires, accept your reality and don’t force anything at this time.

This is good month to focus on your shadow side and work on your inner self. Pay attention on improving your health and quality of life by exploring alternative modalities such as yoga, reiki, meditation etc.  To know the general energies of this year and how to work with them check the article, 2019 in tarot and numerology.

Before diving into this month’s medicine for each zodiac sign, acknowledge that these are general readings and may not resonate with everyone. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Be sure to check your SUN 🌞, MOON 🌛 and RISING (Asc) SIGNS for a thorough outlook.


April brings for you nurturance and discretion. You may hold on to people, attitudes, possessions, situations or perhaps some past issues that is deep rooted  is now affecting you in an adverse way. It’s time for you to confront process and let go of the issues that are creating disturbances in your life. It’s also likely that you are clinging to people or possessions because that gives you a sense of security. You need to establish your boundaries as well as respect the boundaries of other people. Isolation and a lack of openness or interaction with others will result in obstructing progress. If you ain’t going to take care of your personal needs then you won’t be able to nurture your family. Give priority to ‘me’ time in between all of your commitments. Take care of your health, eat well and listen to the needs of your body. Be willing to spend money not only on yourself but share your wealth with your loved ones too. You have to act responsible and gather your wits. You need to be strategic in whatever you plan to do. 

Focus for April needs to be self care, practicality and sound money management.


April brings for you transformation and liberation. Some sort of a change is going to take place that will tear things apart, create chaos or shake the usual structure in your life. You may find yourself selling your home, leaving projects, relocating, switching jobs/careers or altering important relationships. The point of such a change is to help you learn an important truth about yourself. A lightning bolt of clarity and insight cuts through the lies, false beliefs and illusions you have been telling yourself and now it’s time to be honest with yourself. You have to decide consciously what is no longer needed in your life and what hinders your growth. You have to set yourself free from any false structure or social conventions that don’t align with your values and your truth. You may have to think through things on your own as well as walk down a path independently. Clinging to any unhealthy situation will further create chaos and darkness. Take charge of your life and decide what actions need to be taken in order to move ahead. Deal with your situation logically and don’t be afraid to rebuild solid foundations for your life. 

Focus for April needs to be self assurance, purging and creating boundaries.


April brings for you prosperity and a helping hand. You will have a chance to start something new or bring an idea to fruition. A business or investment opportunity could come knocking at your door this month. Some of you may want to start a family or welcome a new member. There is going to be financial prosperity and abundance in your life. You will find yourself in the initial stages of a project and know that you can manifest anything you have set your mind to do. Through careful planning and determination you can achieve your goals and desires. Property matters are going to go well. Your love life will be full of sensual pleasures and fulfillment. Be mindful while going through any legal procedures. You may feel hesitant and reluctant to take a new direction or begin new things because of the unwillingness to take risks. Everything is at your disposal, you just have to make up your mind and go after your dreams like a warrior. Someone may present you with an opportunity that could bring financial success. A short trip or business travel could come up.

Focus of April needs to be fulfillment, determination and creative action. 


April brings for you new beginnings and objectivity. You may desire to break the mold and free yourself from the restrictions of conventionality and societal pressures. For others to give a heed your opinions, you may have to stand firm and express yourself with truthfulness. A partnership either professional or personal may come to an end due to deception, betrayal and lack of mutual respect. Either of the partner may act in an overly cool or cold manner while excluding the feelings of others. Marriage could fall apart and you may decide to consult the attorney. Stubbornness and unwillingness to listen to the viewpoint of the other party will only create tension and confusion. Talking to an advisor or counselor is going to help calm things down and look at the situation from a logical perspective. For a relationship to progress both the parties need to be on the same wavelength and share a similar vision for providing space to each other in order to grow and prosper. Listen to your intuition when something doesn’t feel right or seems too good to be true.

Focus for April needs or be rationality, honesty and cooperation. 


April brings for you reassessment and reevaluation. This is not the time to take risks or to go after your dreams blindly. You have to take calculated steps and make wise decisions. You may experience financial strain therefore, be mindful of making any investments this month. Now is the time to rid yourself of any unnecessary expenditures and other confining situations. Don’t waste your talents by sitting idle or hiding them because you’re fearful of criticism and what others may say. Your preoccupation with practical difficulties may prevent you from seeking guidance and comfort. Consciously observe what you desire because you may discover that getting what you wish for is not necessarily good for you. Over eating or over indulgence could create health issues. Don’t use any unbridled passions as a way to fill a void in your life. Rather step back and reflect upon how to get over and deal with the conflicts you’re facing currently. Relax and regroup your energy levels through prayer, meditation or any other modalities of your choice. This is going to help you put things into perspective and make sensible choices.

Focus of April needs to be gratification, contemplation and recuperation.  


April brings for you resourcefulness and compassion. You have to maintain a healthy balance between home and work by integrating the two and finding your flow and alignment. A practical approach is going to bring steady progress as well as material and sensual delights. Deal with the issues arising with the help of straightforward solutions that enable you to fix the problems with minimal chaos and fuss. You may dwell too much into daydreaming that it sways you away from following the flashes of your intuition. Don’t waste your time living in a world of unreality rather take assertive action to overcome a period of struggle. Be strong and decisive and approach the situation with a steel trap mind. It’s the time to follow your head instead of your heart. Mompreneurs may be concerned about their child’s emotional wellbeing or face some issues related to their children perhaps due to less time spent with them. But acknowledge that you have the tools to create a harmony between your professional and personal life. Above all, don’t forget to nurture your own self so that you are able to hold a safe container for others. Sound professional advice can help you differentiate between success and failure.

Focus for April needs to be sensibility, emotional maturity and decisive action. 


April brings for you inspiration and illumination. You will feel driven, energized and highly motivated to pursue your dreams and will not allow anything to stand in your way and block your path. Move forward with determination and courage to make things happen. Impulsive decisions and rash behaviours must be avoided this month. Don’t go for shortcuts because it may lead you to short term gains only. A little planning and preparation can go a long way. Be proactive to create your future but simultaneously be mindful that you are taking action that is in alignment with your dreams. Connects with a group of likeminded people to inspire and motivate each other. Interact with friends who encourage you to level up. The urge to start new projects or relationships will be there but make sure it’s in line with your values. Don’t let anyone to toy with your feelings or drain you emotionally. A temporary separation with a loved one seems likely. Patience and forgiveness will allow you to heal old wounds. Scattering your energy into too many directions and not willing to cooperate or delegate can pose a threat to your peace of mind. Hence, with careful planning take action towards pursuing your goal.

Focus for April needs to be healing, discretion and reflection.


April brings for you ambition and optimism. Now is the time to put yourself and your ideas out there and attract as well as interact with people who can support and assist you with regards to your endeavours. In order to succeed, you have to be versatile and innovative in your thinking. Be bold in your undertakings and don’t be afraid to shine your light onto the world. Believe in yourself and your values as well as do not allow anyone to silence you or stop you from sharing your beliefs. Regardless of any pressures from your family or society, let yourself to be seen and heard. You have the charisma to inspire and motivate others. Try unconventional methods to solve your current problems. Set aside your mask and let yourself and others know how you truly feel about the matters. That doesn’t mean that you come off and act rudely and harshly. Adopt an objective approach and communicate your stance honestly and ethically. While making contractual or legal decisions for your business, make sure you are well versed. Otherwise don’t hesitate to take the services of an advisor or attorney.

Focus for April needs to be vitality, generosity and determination. 


April brings for you motivation and financial stability. Now is not the time to take significant risks or an make important decision rather spend time in establishing a well thought plan to translate your vision into reality. Work hard to map out your plans and gather resources accordingly so that you’re are able to take action towards achieving your goals successfully in future. Consider the pros and cons of every option and carry out an in depth research. For those who have already been working on their dreams will get to enjoy the fruits of their labour. However, a lack of focus can create confusion and unrealistic expectations. Be open to negotiation and appreciate the viewpoint of others. You could also be called to act as a mediator between two parties to assist them in reaching a common ground. Your kindness, loyalty will be rewarded this month. You may be in line for a promotion or a salary increase. Real estate and property matters are going to flourish. A fatherly figure can provide you with guidance and advice related to work and financial investments.

Focus for April needs to be discipline, persistence and following your intuition.


April brings for you wisdom and spiritual growth. This month you may cross paths with a couple of opportunities and ideas. Before making a commitment, evaluate your options and dig deeper to discover what each choice entails. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before taking a final decision. Don’t let anyone lure you into an opportunity that looks sparkly from the outside, only to realize later on that it was not exactly what you had committed to initially or expected earlier. Stand firm and defend you position while negotiating on a contract. Don’t let the other party deceive you or tempt you into a deal that turns out to be burden for you. Therefore, do not make any significant choices this month and if necessary, try to observe and investigate it thoroughly. It’s time for you to reject the status quo and expand your horizons as well as free yourself from the traditional rules and restrictions. You may find yourself interested in occult modalities and mysticism.  You may decide to take up an online workshop, enroll in a course or read a book to deepen your knowledge. You could also decide to take up the roll of a teacher and mentor. You may explore a way of thinking that is going to prompt further learning. Try to avoid indulging in wishful thinking rather take action and focus on one thing at a time to manifest it. Resist the temptation to get side tracked with other ideas or opportunities. You should be willing to put in work hard in order to create a successful business that benefits from on passive income as well.

Focus for April needs to be study, hard work and thorough analysis.


April brings for you contentment and satisfaction. It is time to push on your stalled projects or if you have a something that you desire greatly, there is a possibility that you can achieve it and take it to the finished line. Don’t feel hesitant to leave a destructive situation behind and enter peaceful times. Review past difficulties with an eye to assure a better future. You may end a major phase of a project and desire to take a well deserved holiday before proceeding to the next step. Taking a break is also going to assist you to overcome the feeling of being blocked and unable to create. Too much focus on materialism may result in lack of productivity and wasted energy. You may get some news about pregnancy or child birth. Consult a doctor or a specialist if you’re facing any fertility issues. Your romantic relationship may reach new heights. In case you are still single, this is the time to socialize with new people. The good energy that you are receiving this month should be used to improve your health and habits.

Focus for April needs to be creativity, enthusiasm and going with the flow. 


April brings for you a sense of harmony and stability. You may feel stuck in the middle of a situation as well as feel blind to the facts that would allow you to make a clear cut decision. This could create restlessness, frustration and confusion. Some external forces may be pushing you to your limits. You have to try your best to stand strong in the face of adversity and don’t allow outside forces to affect you spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. However, hastiness and impulsiveness to step out of this uncertain situation could lead you to take actions that are influenced by conflicted emotions and indecisiveness. In a conflicting situation, it is advisable to step back and reflect upon your circumstances. Don’t give up the struggle. If you are going to make an effort, you will achieve victory. Try to dig deeper and weigh matters carefully and take into consideration the pros and cons of each option. You need to be fully aware of the possible consequences of the choices you make, therefore select your path by following your intuition. Someone may open the door for you for future financial opportunity. Hormonal issues may surface due to lack of proper sleep and exercise. Hence, eat healthy and include walk in your routine. 

Focus for April needs to be dedication, renewed action and facing your feelings.

Wishing you a very happy April!


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