2019May 2019

Tarotscopes for May 2019

May is the month for balancing material and spiritual worlds. Reclaim your personal power over anything or anyone that has caused you to feel disempowered in some way. Reprogram your limiting beliefs and adopt an…
May 4, 2019
2019April 2019

Tarotscopes for April 2019

April is the month for rest, contemplation and growth. During this month consciously try to step back from hustle and bustle of life not only to recharge you  batteries but to reflect upon how can…
March 31, 2019
december 2018

Tarotscopes for March 2019

March is the month of family, love and relationships. Personal affairs may require your focus and attention the most, while other aspects may have to take a back seat. You must attend to any domestic…
March 10, 2019
december 2018

Tarotscopes for February 2019

February invites us to free ourselves from any unwanted restrictions and ingrained patterns of the past. It's time to fly high and reach for the stars. This is the month of diversity, change, exploring different…
February 7, 2019