How to stop over-planning and start doing?

By June 26, 2022 mindset
overplanning limits you. signs that you might be obsessed with over planning. how to stop over planning and start doing

Planning helps you to get ahead. It allows you to gain clarity without being overwhelmed, but the minute you get into the place of over planning, you limit yourself.

The issue occurs when you use it to avoid taking action which eventually leads to procrastination. You would rather come up with a super detailed plan than actually act on it. As a result, you close yourself to new paths.

Over planning makes you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and impatient because nothing you do is making a difference. Whether you’re trying to build a successful business, lose weight, or improve your mindset, it can feel like an uphill battle trying to make progress.

The goal of planning is to get just the right level of clarity, so you know where you need to put focus. Success and growth happens when you commit to taking action on your plans and ideas, even when it feels like nothing is happening.

Over planning is a self-sabotaging behaviour. When I made the shift in my business from being a tarot reader to being a Mindset Coach, one of the struggles I was faced with was to create content.

The issue was over-planning but never implementing those ideas. Although I was getting a slight amount of joy out of planning but over planning became a form procrastination for me.

Instead of actually making an effort to create content, I was stuck in the planning stage and never got around to the doing stage. Rather than taking action to get things rolling, I was spending all my energy onto tasks that didn’t get me any results.

Furthermore, obsessing over each detail was making me feel stressed, frustration and exhausted. So, unpacking the underlying reasons for the need to over plan helped to bridge the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be in my business.

Self-awareness is the key because you can only destroy an issue once you are aware of it. It led to me taking action even in the face of fear and uncertainty. It’s through trial and error and implementing those ideas that I now find myself in the flow state where creating content feels easy and doable.

Here are some of the signs that you might be obsessed with over planning

– Looking to create the PERFECT plan

– Wanting to CONTROL each & every aspect (being a control freak)

– Finding it DIFFICULT to adapt to unforeseen circumstances

– Spending time OVERANALYSING and OVERTHINKING everything instead of implementing the ideas

– Feeling EXHAUSTED, stressed and anxious as opposed to being inspired

– GIVING UP when things go haywire

– WAITING until the right moment to take action and do something

How to stop over-planning and start doing

Once you have recognized the reason behind why you over plan, the next step is to uncover the emotions it stirs up.

While getting caught up in the planning of how to get to the desired outcome, you sometimes overlook the key piece which is to take action. You lose sight of the present and forget to enjoy the journey.

Most of the times when you engage in sabotaging behaviours such as over-planning, procrastination and perfectionism, it’s because you are consciously or unconsciously avoiding negative emotions that comes with implementing your plans and ideas.

When you are stuck in the planning stage, ask yourself the following questions to move things forward.

– How does over-planning make you feel?

– What exactly are you looking to achieve?

– What’s the emotion you are avoiding and unwilling to confront by not acting upon your plans?

– What are the beliefs that are keeping you stuck and sabotaged in the planning stage & why?

Sit with your reflections to comprehend your resistances. Because, it is only through

  • Action that you create clarity
  • Implementation that leads you to results
  • Effort that makes things coherent for you

So, stop beating yourself up and reflect upon to where you are procrastinating in the name of over planning. Once you have understood and uncovered this piece that’s when you can bring in all the time management tools to keep you on track.