Goal-Setting Session

Get out of your own way and achieve your goal

– Do you want to sign clients, but the fear of failure and lack of direction pushes you to play small?

– Have you had a hard time starting a self-care routine to feel comfortable and good in your body?

– Are you overwhelmed and disappointed with yourself for falling behind your business goal in the search for perfection?

Answered yes to any of the above, then Goal-Setting Session is for you!

Regardless of whether you want to complete a work project, write a book/blog post, sign more clients, make more money in your business, feel confident as a coach, eat healthier, exercise regularly to feel good in your body or set healthy boundaries, the goal-setting session will help you overcome the mental, emotional and physical obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goal.

This 90 minute deep dive session is not just about setting a clear business or life goal, but more importantly, how you can confidently and successfully achieve your goal.

One of the main reasons behind the lack of results in your life or business is that you spend so much time figuring things out that you have no time to implement.

Know that you can benefit more from making an effort, than from getting stuck doing nothing at all.

Therefore, this session is designed to guide you through a process of developing a simple, actionable plan for achieving your desired outcome.

You will walk away with clarity and the next steps to move forward on your vision. This way, you simply can’t lose momentum or mess up.

“I had an amazing experience working with Saba. When I started, I was muddled up in self doubts. She helped me to bring clarity in my thoughts and we worked on action plan together. She is quite flexible, understand the needs of client and work accordingly. In our first session she pointed out that I need to create awareness about my product. Following her advise I started posting, advertising, engaging with customers and the result was unbelievable. “ 

Here’s what you get,  

 90 minutes deep dive 1:1 Zoom call

Action Plan Log to help focus and monitor progress

– Subliminal Track for goal fulfillment

Slack Messaging Support – You get 2 weeks of messaging support post session to ask for coaching around negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that keep you from taking action. The aim is to set you up for success because it is by implementing your plan that you can measure progress to attain your desired results

Price: PKR 8500/ £85

Saba is insightful, patient, and compassionate in her coaching sessions. Her intuitive approach to coaching and EFT is remarkable! She helped me clarify the challenges I’ve been having with my business and how to move forward. She truly creates a powerful space for transformation. Saba is a great guide reminding me that I am at the center of creating change in my business. I am feeling more confident and empowered moving forward. I would highly recommend working with Saba! 

It was an excellent experience. Saba is very patient enough to introduce me to the different tools and procedures used in the EFT session and her meditative voice really has done wonders during my meditation. I was able to see my future course of actions very clearly and the stress that was weighing me down about my business has got lifted out significantly and now I can feel very relaxed and confident, optimistic about my business and way forward. 

The session was very powerful. Saba held space in such a welcoming way and allowed me to share as much as I felt comfortable, in my own time. She intuitively guided me to go deeper and explore the underlying emotions and energy behind my thought patterns. Saba’s gentle, open energy, made it safe for me to take the lead and initiate healing where it was required. By the end of the session I felt light and uplifted. I was also left with much to introspect upon. The healing continues to happen long after the session. Thank you Saba for you love and your magic. 

Price: PKR 8500/ £85

Meet your Coach 

Saba Umair 

Saba is a Mindset Coach on a mission to help business owners bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be by navigating through their sabotaging beliefs & behaviours using brain and body based practices.

Saba’s signature mentoring style entails a unique mix of tools and modalities that has led to experiencing massive shifts in her own life and business by unpacking her habit of procrastination, perfectionism & fear of success.

She now supports her clients to confidently thrive in their lives with profound self-awareness and strengthened sense of self-worth.