From destroying self-sabotaging patterns to gaining clarity, confidence & self awareness


Regardless of the circumstances, I used to find excuses

  • to suppress my feelings as a means to stay safe
  • to not fully believe in myself and continue to stay stagnant in my business
  • to not take up space in order to avoid being judged & criticized
  • to procrastinate and not set healthy boundaries
    to stay in my comfort zone and not take risks

All of this was affecting me on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.
The way I was acting and behaving especially in my business was in direct conflict with my goals and desires. It was keeping me away from showing up confidently and taking inspired action.
I was tired and frustrated. I knew what I wanted to do but all these fears and inhibitions were hindering me to shed my crab shell.
Because I wasn’t allowing myself to fully take up space in my business, this somehow was translating into grouchiness, frustration and resentment in my personal relationships.
I was operating from a victim mentality which was overwhelming and triggering. Hence, I decided to shift my focus from being a victim to being a warrior.
I approached my situation with curiosity, compassion and empathy rather than dismissiveness and defensiveness.


I finally recognized my blindspots by asking myself some questions,
Am I being true to myself? Are my actions a reflection of who I want to be OR are they a reflection of my fears and insecurities?
I created this Uncover Yourself Tarot Spread that I now often use during client sessions.

  • Where do I need to take responsibility?
  • What needs to be released?
  • And what do I truly value?

Tarot was like another pairs of eyes that provided me with a clearer perspective.
The first step in changing my situation was getting clear about the narratives I had created for myself. Some of them were pretty evident but some weren’t. Yet, they showed up when I dug deeper with the help of EFT tapping and Breathwork.
I landed on the fear of success. I know what you’re thinking because I too was bummed when I had this realization. How could you be afraid of success especially when you want to succeed massively?
It wasn’t just the fear of success that was holding me back from taking action but also the consequences that came with it such as added responsibility, wider reach, more criticism, lots of changes, bigger challenges + multitude of other reasons.
The following are few of the many self-sabotaging patterns that I have successful destroyed using EFT Tapping and Breathwork

  • I can’t show my face because people in my social circle will not accept my work
  • Hiding keeps me safe in my business and my relationships
  • I can’t have a successful business because I delay taking action
  • No one will buy from me if I’m going to increase my prices

EFT Tapping and Breathwork really helped me to destroy my limiting patterns and get clarity and confidence on what I want & why. I felt inspired and motivated to take action and follow my dreams.


Today I am a Mindset and Energy Mentor helping action takers to gain clarity and confidence by destroying their self-sabotaging patterns in business and relationships through increased self-awareness.
In 2019, after two years being in business and not receiving a quarter of my goals, I decided to go all in with the awareness that I and only I am responsible for where I put my focus and how I choose to feel.
It’s only since I started doing the inner work and being vulnerable & honest about the stories I attach and excuses I give myself, that I managed to start recognizing my own sabotaging patterns.
Another key piece of the puzzle was my support system. They could be your loved ones, your mentor, coach anyone who can hold space for you to be vulnerable and open. In my case it was my husband, my immediate family and my mentor.
Here’s the truth, you will fail, you will be judged and criticized, your actions may seem silly & insignificant to others, and you will think you’re not good enough but that’s all part of the process. Learn to get comfortable with the uncomfortable if you want to shine brighter and reach for the stars.