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2019 brings for us contemplation, creative expression and self expression. We are being prompted to go with the flow and to expand our threshold of receiving. In this post I will be uncovering the mystery behind 2019 in the light of Tarot and Numerology.

First let’s take into consideration the numerology of 2019;

How to calculate:

Add the individual numbers of the current year together and reduce it until you get a single digit as shown below,

2+0+1+9 = 12

1+2 = 3

Therefore, 2019 is a Universal Year number 3.

This Universal Year 3 is the year to socialize, to renew old acquaintances and cultivate new ones. This is a good time for acting, singing, painting or any other form of self expression. This year there will be at least one opportunity to feel joy and happiness in our lives in a way that we have never felt it before. Feel free to explore laughter, joy, friendship, love, peace and truth over the course of the year.

It’s in the vibration of number 3 to scatter the energy, so if we are going to spread out our energy into too many directions, then things, plans or projects might spiral out of control and nothing may be accomplished. Thus, being organized and grounded is the key to success. 

We have to overcome our doubts and fear of expression with the belief that we are far more capable and competent than we have ever allowed ourselves to feel and believe. Hence, the motto for this year is not to resist but accept. The shadow side of 3 is negative thinking, melodrama and gossiping so guard your thoughts and activate the power of positive thinking.

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The Empress card belongs to Smith Waite Tarot deck, The Hanged Man card is from Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot

In the language of tarot, 2019 is a Hanged man + Empress year.

How to calculate:

2+0+1+9 = 12

12 corresponds to The Hanged Man

1+2= 3 

3 which corresponds to The Empress

Hanged Man brings for us surrender, sacrifice and shift in perspective. This year we may be forced to pause, rest and reflect in order to sort out our thoughts, emotions and therefore gain enlightenment and perhaps a new way to cope with the challenges showing up in our lives. We need to alter and let go of attitudes, goals, habits, relationships etc that no longer serves our Highest good.

During this suspended period, the Empress will provide us with support in giving birth to new ideas and creative projects. We need to explore our relationship with our feminine side, our mothers or our ancestors this year. The Empress asks us to respect diversity and replace hierarchical power structures through co-creation and by empowering one another.

2019 is going to push us to discover different ways to express ourselves creatively or to take up a new hobby to access and uncover this part of ourselves. Connect with nature, by going out, taking a trip to a forest, beach or lake because it is going to ground and shift our energy as well as enliven and uplift us in the course of the complexities and deferral.

Hanged One card belongs to Numinous Tarot and The Empress card is from Everyday Witch Tarot

So, in 2019, let’s welcome suspension, stillness and silence with open arms as it will bring to light new perspectives and prepare us to level up. But if we are going to resist and oppose the energy of the Hanged man then we will only invite additional obstacles and hindrances in our lives. Thus, be willing to slow down in order to assess and reevaluate your current path which will in turn initiate the period of growth.


Use these journal prompts throughout the year in order stay connected to the energy of the Hanged man, Empress and Universal year 3.

1) What do I need to surrender right now for something new to appear and materialize?

2) How can I embrace the reality and not resist it?

3) How can I caretake, nurture and nourish my mind, body and soul?

4) How can I show love, kindness and compassion towards myself as well as others?

5) In what areas, does self doubt affect my life? How can I deal and overcome it?

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May you have a blissful and fun filled year!


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