I help business owners gain clarity,
build confidence and strengthen self-worth
by navigating through self-sabotaging behaviours
using brain & based practices.
Welcome to My Unconventional Musings, the place where you learn to trust yourself over the opinions of others, to take meaningful action in face of procrastination, perfectionism & self doubt, and to adopt a growth mindset over wallowing in self pity.


Here’s the truth, you will fail. You’ll be judged and criticized. Your actions may seem silly & insignificant to others. And, you’ll think you’re not worthy or good enough.


But the good news is, you don’t have to deal with it all alone. I’m here to support and mentor you through the process of shifting your mindset from being a victim to being a warrior.

Let’s get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

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Are you ready to shift your mindset and destroy self-sabotaging beliefs & behaviours in business, career & life? Are you ready to gain clarity, build confidence and strengthen self-worth?


Learn to love, accept & trust all parts of yourself through subconscious and somatic practices (brain & body based tools & techniques).

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Saba’s story

I am a Mindset Coach on a mission to help businesses bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be by navigating through their sabotaging beliefs & behaviours using brain and body based practices.

My signature mentoring style entails a unique mix of tools and modalities which has led me to unpack my habit of procrastination, perfectionism & fear of success, and as result experience massive shifts in my own life and business.

I now support my clients to confidently thrive in their lives by taking action based on profound clarity, deeper self-awareness and strengthened sense of self-worth.

Click to read more about the journey of how I shifted my mindset from being a victim to being a warrior!

Meet Saba


Kind words from clients

My experience working with Saba was amazing. She was so gentle with me in the ways I needed but also gave me the right amount of push to dig into what I needed to shift. Since our session, I have made some big realizations when it comes to promoting my business and connecting with my ideal clients. I felt seen, heard, and understood during our session in such a supportive way. Saba holds such powerful space for her clients to explore what is coming up for them without judgment. I have already recommended her directly to friends who have small businesses because I really felt like our one session was pivotal in shifting things for me. I had never had a professional EFT tapping session before but I don't think it will be my last! Highly recommend working with Saba if you are looking to move past blocks that are in your business!

Lauren Schwind

Saba is a genuinely positive and energetic person to talk to. she listens to her clients needs closely and offers her techniques that help us feel so so much better. I've taken a few sessions with Saba and have always felt way better afterwards. She helps me see the positive during a really difficult time of my life. This time I think I have a growing sense of self-love, something I will continue working on. She's helping me find joy this time around and i can't wait to put her techniques/feedback to use. I highly recommend Saba and wish her great success ahead. Much love!


Saba really helped me uncover the real issue and was very empathetic to what was going on emotionally. She asked thorough and thought provoking questions that helped us both come up with statements for the session. During the session she checked back in with me to see how I was feeling in these areas and, at the end, gave me tasks to help continue what we had started. I also received an email with this information so that I could refer back to it. I have done EFT on my own before and now see the benefit of having someone like Saba there to guide these kinds of sessions. I look forward to working with her again in the future.


Saba was so attentive and really helped me to clarify the emotions I was feeling around being judged and how that was impacting my life. She then moved me through a process that allowed me to easily shift those emotions in my body to a state that was more at peace and where I felt more in my own power. Thank you so much!

Stacie Johnson

My session with Saba left me feeling relaxed, energized, and confident all at once. She truly listened to what I was saying and offered gentle but powerful challenges to whatever I described as my limitations or blocks to help me overcome them. Her questions were thought provoking and made me realize that I already had the answers I was looking for. The meditations and tapping exercises were extremely calming and empowering. Saba has such a soothing voice, I could listen to her talk all day! The action plan that she sent me directly after the session will be so helpful in moving forward and taking action on my next steps. Thank you, Saba!

Julia M

“I have taken mentorship and eft session with Saba. And the shift was very apparent during the session itself. Her work is largely based on healing our negative thinking and limiting beliefs and she's great at it! She even follows up later to check on how you are doing and feeling. Highly recommend her services!!”

Shwetha H

"A session with Saba turned out to be exactly what I needed! She is an amazing listener and talented coach! The tools she uses are incredibly effective! She is absolutely a star. After my session I felt so inspired, focused and centered to take the next step in my business.”

Stephanie V

“Salam Saba, I just wanted to say Thank you for the session earlier today! I cannot explain how I feel, At the start I felt so low, down and heavy with with a burden, but after the session, I felt an instant relive and The word SHIFT actually meant something to me, and the end of the session I felt so Light and felt weight lift from me. I feel light energetic and positive. And the EFT tapping was a great experience”


“I experienced an amazing breakthrough session with Saba. The tools that she uses during the session all work so powerfully together to create a shift like I’ve never experienced before. These sessions are not about dwelling on painful memories and limitations but instead they focus on practical and powerful energetic release and self empowerment. Saba is a gifted, intuitive guide who you can trust to help shift you forwards whilst dropping any unnecessary emotional baggage along the way. I feel lighter and more prepared to step up and be seen. I will definitely be signing up for more. Thank you Darling One.”

Stephanie H